Time Management (½ day)

Our workplaces demand productive employees, and it often feels like there is not enough time to do everything we need to. Our ability to manage time affects productivity and the quality of work we are able to produce. Developing effective skills in time management empowers us to deal with the conflicting priorities we face every day. This workshop will set you up for managing your time with proficiency. You will learn how to set priorities, get yourself organized, manage your time and achieve your goals. As you learn to optimize your time, you will enhance your ability to deliver results.

Workshop Outline

  • Evaluating your Current Effectiveness
  • Managing Yourself
  • How to Set Clear and Attainable Goals
  • Identifying Common Time Management Mistakes
  • Key Tips to Beat Procrastination
  • Task Management Systems
  • Scheduling Tasks to Reflect Goals and Values
  • Creating Flow in Your Day
  • Organizing Your Space


On-site Training

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Method of Delivery

Presentation, personal reflection, PowerPoint, video, small group and large group discussions