How to Give and Receive Effective Feedback

Brodie Church

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Have you ever observed the impact that one person’s words can have on another person’s performance? Earlier this year I enjoyed observing my daughter Georgia during her swimming lesson. Her little brother Colton and I watched as coach Abbey took the time to observe Georgia’s swimming habits, offering words of encouragement before sharing specific comments on what she was doing … Read More

4 Questions Great Managers Are Asking Themselves

Brodie Church

manager, leader, leadership, leadership development, workplace culture

“What is your dream job?” It was my first day in a new role and this was the question my manager, Joanne, asked me during our introductory meeting. I was hesitant to reply because, in this case, my dream job would have meant leaving my employer. I decided to muster up the courage anyway and bravely answered her question honestly. … Read More

4 Steps for Increasing Your Resiliency

Brodie Church

resilience, workplace culture, leadership, employees, leadership development, personal growth

How do you define yourself? Often the start of a new year encourages us to reflect on the triumphs and struggles that have helped define us. Although this practice can help us create meaning from our experiences and show us what we can do to be happier in the future, many of us are left without answers. Could our lack … Read More

How to Hold an Effective Zoom Meeting

Brodie Church

zoom meeting, working remotely, remote office, working from home, workplace culture, employee, leader

When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills. This is one of my favorite proverbs and it’s especially relevant now as we adapt to change during COVID-19. Now more than ever, people are holding virtual meetings on platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Adobe Connect, and Zoom. In fact, Zoom alone is now handling as … Read More