How to Assess a Potential Career Move

Deanne Kaar

Have you ever come across a new career opportunity and wondered if it was the right move? This is a valid concern, and you certainly wouldn’t want to miss a good opportunity! Recently, I’ve been coaching my staff on these types of decisions, trying to help them meet their future goals. I’ve also been watching other people take on different … Read More

4 Ways to Support Your Team During Stressful Times

Deanne Kaar

stressed teams, stressful situations, stress, workplace culture, teamwork, communication

I have worked in the health care field for 15 years and there has been no shortage of pressure, from increasing work demands to difficult situations with coworkers or customers requesting services that are outside the norm. Although some pressure can be helpful to motivate individuals, when stressors become long-term and/or unmanageable, leaders need to consider how they can mitigate … Read More

How Setting Goals Can Help You Make Tough Decisions

Deanne Kaar

goals, goal setting, organization, decisions, tough decisions, difficult decisions, choices, priorities, leadership, workplace culture

When faced with a tough decision, it is common to sometimes feel stuck and not know how to move forward. Whether you are thinking about changing jobs, starting a new hobby, or branching out from your social circle, it can be uncomfortable to try new things. At times when I’ve had to make a tough decision, I have found myself … Read More