Effective Communication in High-Stress Situations

Jessica Antony

Stress at work is nothing new. Whether it’s a result of heavy workloads, organizational change, or long hours, stress at work happens, but it can also be managed. However, when workplace stress gets in the way of our communication with colleagues, it can lead to further anxiety, miscommunication, and outbursts. How can we navigate high-stress situations at work without alienating … Read More

Six Tips for Work-Life Balance During COVID-19

Jessica Antony

work life balance, time management, workplace culture, working from home, covid, covid-19, pandemic, work at home strategies

By now, many of us who have been lucky to continue working through the COVID-19 pandemic have transitioned to working from home. Those of us who aren’t frontline workers have had to make the quick transition to what was and continues to be a relatively uncertain work life. Nobody was sure back in March 2020 how long this “new normal” … Read More

8 Steps for Writing an Effective Email

Jessica Antony

writing an email, email etiquette, business etiquette, writing, workplace culture, admin work

Email has arguably become one of the mostly widely used forms of communication in the workplace – especially now that so many of us are working remotely. It’s an incredibly handy tool: it’s fast, convenient, and allows you to relay a lot of information with relative ease. But given that email has become such a natural part of so many … Read More

How Design Thinking Can Benefit Your Organization

Jessica Antony

design thinking, workplace culture, psychological safety, leadership

Design thinking is an approach to problem-solving that can be used in virtually any organization, team, or situation in which you are trying to actively engage staff or clients. It applies to leadership, product design, service design, and even effecting change within your organization. Design thinking is, simply put, thinking like a designer. When it comes to problem-solving in the … Read More

How to Create a Home Office That Works for You

Jessica Antony

home office, zoom meeting, working remotely, remote office, workplace culture

COVID-19 has changed life drastically for a lot of us. And, with so many of us being thrust into a new reality of working from home, we haven’t had the time to figure out how to best create a space at home to get our work done. While makeshift workspaces might suffice for a week or two, now that the … Read More