How to Practice Self-Care in 60 Seconds

Shelly Qualtieri

self-care, self-talk, positive self-talk, workplace health, mental health

We can all recognize and acknowledge just how busy and hectic life gets. Whether that be with our families, as individuals, in our jobs, or because of extracurricular activities. When we wear many hats, we can feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and plain uncertain about where to start at times. With all life’s responsibilities, where do we fit in? How in the … Read More

5 Ways to Improve Emotional Wellness at Work

Shelly Qualtieri

emotions at work, emotion regulation, workplace culture, mental health, workplace mental health, trauma-informed workplace

Consider how many times you have approached a colleague and asked them how they are only to be met with the automatic response the vast majority of us have – the typical “Good,” or “Fine, thanks.” Sometimes these exchanges can leave us feeling as if something was left unsaid. Or our intuition may be tingling because we know their answers … Read More

Mindfulness at Work and Play

Shelly Qualtieri

What are some ways people practice mindfulness? Thinking about this blog post, I began speaking to friends and family about mindfulness and asking how they bring a mindful practice into their day or life. This is something I try to work on daily. However, I quickly came to realize that people continue to have questions and misunderstandings about mindfulness. My … Read More