A 5-Step Recipe to Give Effective Feedback

Alana Abramson

I used to dread giving feedback to others.  Like many people, I would either avoid the conversation altogether or get so frustrated I said something I later regretted. Once I learned specific skills around giving feedback, I felt much more confident in doing so.  Today, I aim to provide timely feedback in an on-going way.  This has led to much … Read More

Managing Difficult Responses to Feedback

Alana Abramson

closeup portrait of unhappy, angry, mad,. upset woman

Have you ever felt like your feedback to a co-worker just wasn’t getting through? Recently I gave someone feedback that did absolutely nothing. In fact, the second and third time I gave the same feedback the behaviour didn’t change.  What was I doing wrong? I followed the five steps outlined in my last blog: I had an assertive mindset. I … Read More

5 Steps for Effective Conflict Resolution

Alana Abramson

Conflict is opportunity.  Although many of us find conflict stressful, conflict has many benefits. As a mediator, I have witnessed the strong emotions produced by conflict.  I have also seen how conflict dealt with in a healthy way can enhance our problem-solving capabilities, increase productive communication, promote self-awareness and build relationships.  When we avoid conflict or become confrontational or aggressive, … Read More