Building Self-Managed Teams

Dan Doerksen

Ask most leaders and they’ll agree that organizations are supposed to have things like a clear chain of command, a single leader at the top, centralized controls, and managers overseeing the work at every level. You can’t expect to succeed by playing fast and loose with your hierarchy and tossing your policy manuals in the rubbish bin. Yet this is … Read More

How to Develop High Performing Teams

Dan Doerksen

As leaders, we’ve all heard the legends of these rare teams that get labeled as “high performing.” The organizational unicorns that are able to handle incredibly complex issues, move to action in impossibly short timeframes, and innovate as naturally as breathing. Rather than getting bogged down in bureaucracy and relational tension, they deftly navigate problems and politics to bring about … Read More

How Confirmation Bias Can Ruin Work Relationships

Dan Doerksen

confirmation bias, work relationships, workplace culture

When’s the last time you used the phrase, “Classic ______,” to describe someone’s behaviour? “Did Bob just run into a stationary object? Classic Bob.” “Did Karen just demand to speak to the manager? Classic Karen.” These are fun because there is usually just the right amount of truth to them. In fact, the more you say them, the more true … Read More

When Teamwork Isn’t the Answer

Dan Doerksen

teamwork, workplace culture, leadership, management, employee

“Dream a dream, form a team.” This was the mantra at an organization where I used to work. Teams were the answer to every question: Have an idea? Form a team. Need to solve a problem? Form a team. Want to create an event? Form a team. Need to change the coffee filter? Form a team. Although I have great … Read More