5 Steps for Overcoming a Professional Setback

Janelle Jackiw

While it is often our goal to advance our career, at times we may run into professional setbacks. These delays can be disappointing, create feelings of anxiety and frustration, and make us question our next steps. Setbacks can include not receiving a well-deserved promotion or interview, not getting a job that you are well qualified for, or being let go. … Read More

Positive Psychology: 5 Strategies for Improving Your Workplace

Janelle Jackiw

positive psychology, leadership, management, workplace culture, employees, staff, workplace, self-care, gratitude

I’ve been looking forward to Monday all weekend! Although this may seem like an unlikely statement to some leaders, with the right strategies applied to your workplace, you can create a productive environment where people want to work. This can be achieved by applying the concepts of positive psychology to your workplace. Think of positive psychology as the science of … Read More