How to Cope with a Crisis by Using Your Values

Jennifer Kelly

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We will all experience crises during our lifetime – whether they are global or personal. One strategy that can build resilience and perseverance during a crisis is using your personal values as a coping strategy. I learned how to use my values to cope with a crisis when my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. At the same time, I … Read More

How to Stay Optimistic During Tough Times

Jennifer Kelly

optimism, optimistic, leaders, leadership, management, workplace culture, covid-19, coronavirus

There’s a dark and a troubled side of life. There’s a bright and a sunny side too. But if you meet with the darkness and strife, the sunny side we also may view.” – Keep on the Sunny Side of Life Since 1899 when Keep on the Sunny Side of Life was written, artists like Johnny Cash have belted out … Read More