6 Sources of Conflict at Work

Wendy Loewen

I love optical illusions. It’s fascinating to watch an image shift from one thing to another, depending on your perspective. Optical illusions use colour, light, and patterns to mislead our brains into creating an image that does not match the image in front of us. Workplace conflict can sometimes be like an optical illusion, where what we see is not … Read More

The Powerful Pygmalion Effect in the Workplace

Wendy Loewen

Our beliefs about our colleagues can have very real consequences, regardless of whether they’re correct or not. Most people are aware of the idea of a self-fulling prophecy, where our expectations about our  behaviour influence us to take actions that make the expectation a reality. However, there are also other-imposed prophecies where another person’s expectations of us can influence our … Read More

How to Motivate Employees

Wendy Loewen

Recently, a frustrated business owner asked me how he could motivate his staff. He said he tried everything, but when he described his attempts at employee motivation, they were all extrinsic. He had tried carefully monitoring job completion and task time, ranking employees, and threatening his workers if they didn’t live up to his expectations. He even fired two employees … Read More

Find the Hidden Source of Conflict

Wendy Loewen

In my consulting work, I regularly help organizations with issues of conflict. In a recent workplace mediation, I saw firsthand how easy it is to misdiagnose the source of conflict. The situation was explained to me as an interpersonal dispute between two employees. One had criticized the other for an error in their work, and the conversation quickly became heated. … Read More

Strategies for Coping During Troubling World Events

Wendy Loewen

Although the possibility of war has been in the news for weeks, I was still deeply unsettled when I heard that Russia had invaded Ukraine. I felt a sense of rising dread and helplessness as I wondered, What’s going to happen now? What should I do? The war is thousands of miles away, but I have heard from many people … Read More

The Great Resignation and What to Do About It

Wendy Loewen

The year got off to a rocky start for many organizations. I’ve heard many clients express their struggle to keep skilled staff, and their fear that the rotating door of people coming and leaving is the new normal. We are hearing a lot about the “Great Resignation” – the phenomenon of people voluntarily resigning from their position, more flippantly called … Read More

10 Tips for Nurturing Happiness

Wendy Loewen

Happiness depends upon ourselves. Aristotle As we head into special times of the year such as holiday or vacation, we often anticipate finding happiness. But, I wonder if we can ever really find happiness? What is the real stuff made of? Not the illusion that disappears along with the last joyful moment of our holiday. I’m not so sure that … Read More

Why Vulnerability Makes a Better Leader

Wendy Loewen

Early in my leadership role at ACHIEVE, I had an experience that shaped my understanding of what it means to be a good leader. A new staff person made a mistake that cost our organization a few hundred dollars. Understandably, she was embarrassed and anxious about it. When she told my colleague (her boss) what had happened, my colleague’s response … Read More

How to Support Mental Health at Work

Randy Grieser

mental health, mental health at work, anxiety, stress, depression, self-care, workplace culture, trauma-informed workplace

[Excerpt from Don’t Blame the Lettuce] Prior to founding CTRI, I worked as a social worker in the field of mental health — both in hospital settings and in the community, providing support to those living with mental health concerns. My role in supporting people’s recovery would sometimes involve conversations with their employers about ways to best support their return … Read More

Show a Little Respect

Jessica Seburn

respect at work, workplace culture, leaders, leadership, employee

When my three children were young, there was no shortage of arguments around who would get the first cookie or who got to choose which game we would play. I sometimes wondered how they would relate to each other as adults. Would they be kind? Would they appreciate each other’s perspectives? Would they listen to each other? Would they be … Read More