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5 Tips for Fostering Psychological Safety in Your Workplace

Wendy Loewen

This past week I read an article by leadership scholar, Amy Edmondson, on learning behavior in work teams. It struck me as both simple and profound. Although it was written in 1999, it seems particularly relevant today. Edmondson’s research points out that most organizations are not adaptive in new situations – they simply wait for things to return to the … Read More

How to Stay Motivated While Working From Home During Covid-19

Wendy Loewen

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Studies have shown that working from home can have positive effects – and even increase productivity. However, working from home under normal circumstances is very different from being forced to work at home due to a global pandemic. Many of us are now faced with significant shifts to our daily lives and new worries and stresses. Every time we turn … Read More

3 Tips for Working from Home During COVID-19

Wendy Loewen

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COVID-19 has changed the landscape of work for many of us. My 18-year-old son is now studying from home, while my 22-year-old daughter recently stopped working in the hospitality industry. For many of us, including myself, the changing landscape of work means moving from working out of an office to working from home. I am at an advantage in this … Read More

How to Motivate Employees

Wendy Loewen

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Recently, a frustrated business owner asked me how he could motivate his staff. He said he tried everything, but when he described his attempts at employee motivation, they were all extrinsic. He had tried carefully monitoring job completion and task time, ranking employees, and threatening his workers if they didn’t live up to his expectations. He even fired two employees … Read More

Six Sources of Conflict at Work

Wendy Loewen

workplace conflict, conflict resolution, leadership, management, workplace culture

I love optical illusions. It’s fascinating to watch an image shift from one thing to another, depending on your perspective. Optical illusions use colour, light, and patterns to mislead our brains into creating an image that does not match the image in front of us. Workplace conflict can sometimes be like an optical illusion, where what we see is not … Read More

How to De-escalate Conflict

Wendy Loewen

de-escalation, de-escalate violence, workplace violence, violence threat assessment

How does it feel when you are wrong? What about when you make a poor decision or forget an important detail? Have you ever made an assumption that incorrectly coloured how you saw a person? How did it feel to realize this? I have been asking these questions of my friends, family, and coworkers, and their answers often include words … Read More

Rethinking the Annual Performance Review

Wendy Loewen

performance review, performance management, managing performance, leadership, workplace culture, employee, annual performance review

The annual performance review is probably one of the most hated of all business practices. One study highlighted in Fast Company reported that 69% of all millennials (who comprise the largest segment of the work force) think performance reviews are drastically flawed. Many stated that their experience with performance evaluations had a negative impact on them and caused a range … Read More

3 Tips for Starting a New Job

Wendy Loewen

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Several months ago, I moved into a new management position at ACHIEVE. After two weeks on the job, someone asked me what changes I had made and what I had shaken up after coming onboard. This conversation left me a little perplexed and somewhat unsettled. Are we really supposed to be disrupters as soon as we start a new job? … Read More

How Gender Bias Impacts Everyone

Wendy Loewen

gender bias, workplace culture, gender equality, feminism, women in leadership

Working for equality in the workplace is not just about helping women gain a voice – it’s about allowing everyone to have a voice and a choice. My dad was the first of his five siblings to move away from his home and community. Fifty-six years ago, he left his family farm to go to what was at the time … Read More

Why We Still Need to Strive for Gender Equality

Wendy Loewen

gender equality, women in the workplace, feminism, feminist, women in leadership, workplace culture, workplace equality

This past weekend, my sister-in-law told me a family story I hadn’t heard before. When she was 16, she had a minor car accident. She hit a tree lining the driveway when backing the family car out of the garage. Her mother told her that she would have to tell her dad what she had done when he came home … Read More