How to Foster Team Interdependence

Eric Stutzman

[Excerpt from The Culture Question]  In organizational culture, interdependence refers to the extent to which team members rely on each other for the functioning of their teams. Although every team is different from moment to moment, on a fundamental level, it is the interdependence of team members that makes a group of coworkers a team. As they come to realize … Read More

5 Ways to Improve Equity in Your Workplace

Mark Schinkel

I recently had the opportunity to reengage as a school board superintendent for three months after several years of retirement. In that work, I interacted daily with school and board administrators at a very large school board (60,000 students) in Ontario. During my time on the board, I was impressed by the capacity of so many caring leaders to learn, … Read More

8 Truths About Leading Through Conflict

Eric Stutzman

Early in my career, I worked as a mediator and saw firsthand how poorly managed conflict can impact a workplace. After years of simmering conflict, the owners of a welding business had finally decided to hire external mediators for some help. Many small unresolved grievances had built up over time amongst the staff, and when someone had a complaint about … Read More

4 Ways to Support Your Team During Stressful Times

Deanne Kaar

I have worked in the health care field for 15 years and there has been no shortage of pressure, from increasing work demands to difficult situations with coworkers or customers requesting services that are outside the norm. Although some pressure can be helpful to motivate individuals, when stressors become long-term and/or unmanageable, leaders need to consider how they can mitigate … Read More

How to Build Healthy Teams in Your Workplace

Wendy Loewen

[Excerpt from The Culture Question]  Team-building retreats and workshops have become the norm for organizations seeking to foster team spirit. Team-building days typically include some combination of the following: a game to break people out of their everyday roles, an exercise that helps build trust among team members, a challenge that requires everyone’s participation to be successful, and a fun … Read More

How Confirmation Bias Can Ruin Work Relationships

Dan Doerksen

When’s the last time you used the phrase, “Classic ______,” to describe someone’s behaviour? “Did Bob just run into a stationary object? Classic Bob.” “Did Karen just demand to speak to the manager? Classic Karen.” These are fun because there is usually just the right amount of truth to them. In fact, the more you say them, the more true … Read More

Effective Communication in High-Stress Situations

Jessica Antony

Stress at work is nothing new. Whether it’s a result of heavy workloads, organizational change, or long hours, stress at work happens, but it can also be managed. However, when workplace stress gets in the way of our communication with colleagues, it can lead to further anxiety, miscommunication, and outbursts. How can we navigate high-stress situations at work without alienating … Read More

Why Clarity in Decision-Making is Crucial

Eric Stutzman

“I’m so frustrated!” exclaimed the person I was speaking with. “I can’t believe I even bothered to say anything at the meeting. They already knew what decision they were going to make. They just held the meeting to pretend they cared about what we had to say!” Unfortunately, I’ve heard this sentiment many times throughout my experiences as an organizational … Read More

Harness the Power of Collective Intelligence

Eric Stutzman

[Excerpt from The Culture Question]  We are often told to avoid following the crowd. In words often attributed to George Bernard Shaw, “The minority is sometimes right; the majority is always wrong.” But sometimes a crowd can provide insights that an individual cannot. Francis Galton, a brilliant researcher in the early 1900s, demonstrated this point perfectly. He came across a … Read More

4 Questions Great Managers Are Asking Themselves

Brodie Church

“What is your dream job?” It was my first day in a new role and this was the question my manager, Joanne, asked me during our introductory meeting. I was hesitant to reply because, in this case, my dream job would have meant leaving my employer. I decided to muster up the courage anyway and bravely answered her question honestly. … Read More