How to Address Workplace Concerns During the Pandemic

Trish Harper

Are you a leader, employer, or manager? What kinds of challenges have been coming your way these days? I believe most people prior to the pandemic may have been somewhat envious of those in leadership positions. Leaders were able to garner respect and effect change in the particular sector they worked in. However, my guess is that most people now … Read More

How to Practice Self-Care in 60 Seconds

Shelly Qualtieri

We can all recognize and acknowledge just how busy and hectic life gets. Whether that be with our families, as individuals, in our jobs, or because of extracurricular activities. When we wear many hats, we can feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and plain uncertain about where to start at times. With all life’s responsibilities, where do we fit in? How in the … Read More

How to Give and Receive Effective Feedback

Brodie Church

Have you ever observed the impact that one person’s words can have on another person’s performance? Earlier this year I enjoyed observing my daughter Georgia during her swimming lesson. Her little brother Colton and I watched as coach Abbey took the time to observe Georgia’s swimming habits, offering words of encouragement before sharing specific comments on what she was doing … Read More

Show a Little Respect

Jessica Seburn

When my three children were young, there was no shortage of arguments around who would get the first cookie or who got to choose which game we would play. I sometimes wondered how they would relate to each other as adults. Would they be kind? Would they appreciate each other’s perspectives? Would they listen to each other? Would they be … Read More

5 Principles for Talking Politics with Friends and Family

Aaron Lyons

How do you engage in political discussions with those you care about? For many, the answer is “I don’t!” Others engage eagerly in these discussions, but find themselves repeatedly caught in the muck of destructive conflict. There is another way – one that allows for respectful discourse and even strengthened relationships. In 2007, I was invited to participate in a … Read More

5 Ways to Support Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Jessica Seburn

Before I begin, I’d like to note that I am not writing from the perspective of a mental health professional or as someone in a leadership role. This blog is written from lived experience and after conversations with mental health professionals and other neurodiverse individuals. What Is Neurodiversity? Neurodiversity is an umbrella term describing conditions like autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, dyslexia, … Read More

3 Tips for Increasing Happiness at Work

Jennifer Kelly

Given that many of us will spend up to one-third of our lives at work, it’s not surprising that happiness at work is a topic of concern. Research shows that our happiness at work determines how motivated, productive, and engaged we are. As an ACHIEVE trainer for the Psychological Safety in the Workplace workshop, I have had many discussions with … Read More

Connecting Teams to Organizational Purpose

Eric Stutzman

[Excerpt from The Culture Question] Just as organizations get bad results when they are disconnected from a greater purpose, so do teams. In our consulting work, we have often observed that when teams don’t connect with their organization’s greater purpose, motivation and productivity suffer. Team disconnection from organizational purpose often contributes to one of the greatest internal dangers an organization … Read More

3 Ways Leaders Can Support a Return to the Workplace

Danielle Forth

After over 15 months of working from home, many employees will be returning to their pre-COVID workplaces. With the rollout of vaccines and easing of public health restrictions, many workplaces are planning to return to a new normal when it comes to business operations. Some will be returning with high levels of anxiety and uncertainty about what the new normal … Read More

5 Steps for Overcoming a Professional Setback

Janelle Jackiw

While it is often our goal to advance our career, at times we may run into professional setbacks. These delays can be disappointing, create feelings of anxiety and frustration, and make us question our next steps. Setbacks can include not receiving a well-deserved promotion or interview, not getting a job that you are well qualified for, or being let go. … Read More