Two Easy Steps to Creating Your Personal Brand

Lana Dunn

I have been thinking a lot this last week about the idea of one’s personal brand. What is meant by your personal brand? Think about products or services and their brands. Starbucks’ brand is different from Tim Hortons’, though in essence they do the same thing – serve coffee and other refreshments. But most people will tell you that they … Read More

Companies that Care – Engagement Through Social Responsibility

Lana Dunn

I recently worked with an organization that has made it part of their mission to support and encourage an annual project to “enhance the well-being of the world”. Through an employee-driven nomination system, they define what their focus will be. Most recently it was building houses in Haiti. Employees who wished to do so were given time off with pay … Read More

New Year’s Work Resolutions? Five Ways to Create Solutions

Sheri Coburn

A New Year is an opportunity to bring better balance to our work life. At the New Year, we all tend to fall into one of two camps. Camp one is the “New Year’s resolution camp”. It is full of spoken hope, a public sharing of aspirations for the year ahead, and promises and written goals that will serve as … Read More

Missed Opportunity – Failing to See the Other Person’s Interests

Mike Labun

The following is a true story told to me by a workshop participant. It is shared with permission but modified to protect the identities of the persons involved. The person who told it to me is “Caleb” in the story. Alvin Zemlock sat behind his desk, and Caleb faced him. The Room was tense. Alvin was the founder and CEO … Read More

Facing Aggression in the Workplace

Shawn McLaren

Faced with an aggressive co-worker, how can we use space and body language to change “Win-Lose” to “Win-Win”? Years ago I worked in a setting where we were charged with creating a new Canadian division of an existing US model. Five of us had to create three new departments. With five strong personalities, we had conflict. One of my peers … Read More

Focus on a Few Good Skills – What the NFL Teaches Us about Conflict Resolution

Mike Labun

Coach Tony Dungy has won more games than any other coach in NFL history. Before Dungy NFL games were a matter of psyching out one’s opponent. Those with the most complicated and surprising plays won. But Dungy didn’t want his players to know a lot of plays. He wanted them to know a few plays and do them automatically. We … Read More