5 Steps for Effective Conflict Resolution

Alana Abramson

Conflict is opportunity.  Although many of us find conflict stressful, conflict has many benefits. As a mediator, I have witnessed the strong emotions produced by conflict.  I have also seen how conflict dealt with in a healthy way can enhance our problem-solving capabilities, increase productive communication, promote self-awareness and build relationships.  When we avoid conflict or become confrontational or aggressive, … Read More

5 Principles for Talking Politics with Friends and Family

Aaron Lyons

How do you engage in political discussions with those you care about? For many, the answer is “I don’t!” Others engage eagerly in these discussions, but find themselves repeatedly caught in the muck of destructive conflict. There is another way – one that allows for respectful discourse and even strengthened relationships. In 2007, I was invited to participate in a … Read More

The Difficult Person: 4 More Tools to Get Unstuck

Eric Stutzman

What do you do when someone seems to think you are the problem in a situation of conflict? I received the following excellent question in response to my last blog, 6 Tips to Deal with a Difficult Person: Dear Eric, As I strive to integrate the position you outlined in your article (which I’ve been trying to do for some … Read More

“It’s not you, it’s me” – The Wisdom of a Break-Up Adage

Sheri Coburn

Some of our most difficult and frustrating relationships happen in the workplace. Inevitable really, considering we spend 8 to 12 hours a day with people who we possibly didn’t choose, potentially have nothing more in common with than a shared workspace and who ultimately have their own ideas and agendas about how best to navigate their working life. In other … Read More

Missed Opportunity – Failing to See the Other Person’s Interests

Mike Labun

The following is a true story told to me by a workshop participant. It is shared with permission but modified to protect the identities of the persons involved. The person who told it to me is “Caleb” in the story. Alvin Zemlock sat behind his desk, and Caleb faced him. The Room was tense. Alvin was the founder and CEO … Read More

Facing Aggression in the Workplace

Shawn McLaren

Faced with an aggressive co-worker, how can we use space and body language to change “Win-Lose” to “Win-Win”? Years ago I worked in a setting where we were charged with creating a new Canadian division of an existing US model. Five of us had to create three new departments. With five strong personalities, we had conflict. One of my peers … Read More

Focus on a Few Good Skills – What the NFL Teaches Us about Conflict Resolution

Mike Labun

Coach Tony Dungy has won more games than any other coach in NFL history. Before Dungy NFL games were a matter of psyching out one’s opponent. Those with the most complicated and surprising plays won. But Dungy didn’t want his players to know a lot of plays. He wanted them to know a few plays and do them automatically. We … Read More