How to Have a Successful Meeting

Eric Stutzman

We made a big mistake last week at one of our meetings, and we should have known better. On Friday, we met about a significant workflow problem, spent time problem solving, but failed to take meeting minutes. Several people took notes, but no one was officially designated as the minutes taker. When we tried to reconstruct what we had talked … Read More

How to Talk About Performance Issues with Your Coworker

Mike Labun

how to talk about performance issues with a coworker, performance management, conflict resolution, giving feedback

Have you ever heard of “tell, tell, silence, yell”? This happens when we repeatedly ask a coworker to correct something, and then if they don’t, we give up until we can’t take it anymore. This may even cause us to accidentally yell or do something else drastic we’d eventually have to apologize for. No matter how resourceful, practiced, or trained … Read More

The Dangers of Time Management

Wendy Loewen

tired working at desk

As I prepare to record a webinar series on time management, I’ve also been thinking about the dangers of focusing too much on time management. Do you ever find yourself thinking or saying, “One day, I will be on top of my life and work demands. I only need to find the right combination of time management strategies, the motivation … Read More

A 5-Step Recipe to Give Effective Feedback

Alana Abramson

I used to dread giving feedback to others.  Like many people, I would either avoid the conversation altogether or get so frustrated I said something I later regretted. Once I learned specific skills around giving feedback, I felt much more confident in doing so.  Today, I aim to provide timely feedback in an on-going way.  This has led to much … Read More

8 Assertive Communication Tips

Wendy Loewen

young lawyer sitting in a meeting room with some of her colleagues and smiling

Effective communication creates opportunities, strengthens relationships, helps us meet our goals and builds our confidence. The opposite is also true. Communicating poorly has disastrous results. Poor communication limits opportunities, hurts others – hurts ourselves, and generally makes us feel poorly. The good news is that no matter how skilled we are as a communicator, we can always increase our capabilities, … Read More

5 Strategies for Improving Your Relationship with Your Boss

Mike Labun

man and manager talking

When you picture the person at work who will most impact your future, who do you see? For most of us, our relationship with our manager is the most important relationship we have at work. I believe we need to work to get it that relationship right. Here are five tips that will improve your relationship with the person that … Read More

10 Tips for Joyful and Mindful Holiday Eating

Elizabeth Shein

The holiday season is here. However you might celebrate, for most of us it involves eating. Lots of eating – often followed by a “food hangover” or weight gain and a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and eat healthier. Does this yearly mantra sound familiar? Whether you want to avoid overeating and gaining those extra pounds, you need to … Read More

Tips for Mindful Communication

Elizabeth Shein

How often do you find yourself in a conversation with a friend, partner or colleague and realize you have no idea what was just said? If you are like most of us, it happens every day, and often. We live in a fast-paced world and our minds are often scattered and unruly. You might even be interested in what’s being … Read More

Safety Through Mindfulness

Mike Labun

I used to think mindfulness – bringing your focus to only the immediate present – was dangerous. If I think only of what’s happening in the moment, how will I plan for the future? I wondered. I considered the mindfulness technique of focusing on one’s breath to be equally unsafe: If I’m just thinking about breathing in and out, I won’t think about … Read More

Why Curiosity is Key to Assessing Threats of Violence

Randy Grieser

I recently attended a conference related to violence and the assessment of potential for violence. I have attended many of these types of conferences over the years and have found a common theme presented to be the subtle and sometimes not so subtle punitive response to those who utter threats or are viewed as a potential to escalate towards violence. … Read More