How to Understand What Data Really Means

Mike Labun

More and more, data is being used to summarize information about our complex world. Whether it’s epidemiologists reporting on COVID-19 or an HR assistant telling us which employees we should be disciplining, when someone processes the data – and does it well – it can be quite useful. But number crunching doesn’t automatically give us accurate or useful results. As … Read More

ACHIEVE Women in Leadership Survey Findings

Wendy Loewen

women in leadership, women, leadership, management, conference, leadership conference, empowerment, inclusion, workplace culture

In preparation for our live virtual ACHIEVE Women in Leadership Conference (September 23-24, 2020), we conducted a survey to gain insight into the experience of women in the workplace. We are so grateful to the more than 700 people who took the time to complete the survey. Their responses helped us gain an understanding of the gaps in gender experiences … Read More

4 Reasons Leaders Should be Active on Social Media

Jessica Seburn

Most people have very strong opinions about social media. I recently had the opportunity to do a presentation on social media to an audience of my coworkers. One of the first questions I asked was, “Do you like social media?” I enjoyed watching the changing expressions across the Zoom call. Everyone had something to say, but there seemed to be … Read More

How to Work Like a Project Manager

Chantel Runtz

project management, time management, work, workplace culture, prioritization, organization, time management, workplace culture, leadership, employee

Earlier this year I took some courses as part of a project management certificate program. While I wouldn’t consider myself an expert, one of my goals was to translate my learning into a few simple practices that I could share with my coworkers. That way we could apply them to the many small projects we work on throughout the year. … Read More

How Design Thinking Can Benefit Your Organization

Jessica Antony

design thinking, workplace culture, psychological safety, leadership

Design thinking is an approach to problem-solving that can be used in virtually any organization, team, or situation in which you are trying to actively engage staff or clients. It applies to leadership, product design, service design, and even effecting change within your organization. Design thinking is, simply put, thinking like a designer. When it comes to problem-solving in the … Read More

How to Create a Home Office That Works for You

Jessica Antony

home office, zoom meeting, working remotely, remote office, workplace culture

COVID-19 has changed life drastically for a lot of us. And, with so many of us being thrust into a new reality of working from home, we haven’t had the time to figure out how to best create a space at home to get our work done. While makeshift workspaces might suffice for a week or two, now that the … Read More

3 Tips for Working from Home During COVID-19

Wendy Loewen

working from home, covid-19, coronavirus, pandemic, working remotely, zoom, remote office, leadership, leaders, workplace culture

COVID-19 has changed the landscape of work for many of us. My 18-year-old son is now studying from home, while my 22-year-old daughter recently stopped working in the hospitality industry. For many of us, including myself, the changing landscape of work means moving from working out of an office to working from home. I am at an advantage in this … Read More

How to Have a Successful Meeting

Eric Stutzman

We made a big mistake last week at one of our meetings, and we should have known better. On Friday, we met about a significant workflow problem, spent time problem solving, but failed to take meeting minutes. Several people took notes, but no one was officially designated as the minutes taker. When we tried to reconstruct what we had talked … Read More

How to Talk About Performance Issues with Your Coworker

Mike Labun

how to talk about performance issues with a coworker, performance management, conflict resolution, giving feedback

Have you ever heard of “tell, tell, silence, yell”? This happens when we repeatedly ask a coworker to correct something, and then if they don’t, we give up until we can’t take it anymore. This may even cause us to accidentally yell or do something else drastic we’d eventually have to apologize for. No matter how resourceful, practiced, or trained … Read More

The Dangers of Time Management

Wendy Loewen

tired working at desk

As I prepare to record a webinar series on time management, I’ve also been thinking about the dangers of focusing too much on time management. Do you ever find yourself thinking or saying, “One day, I will be on top of my life and work demands. I only need to find the right combination of time management strategies, the motivation … Read More