8 Key Questions for a Better Performance Review


As I’ve written about previously, I’m not a fan of the annual performance review. There are so many ways to get it wrong, and very few ways for it to be useful. So, I have been searching for an alternative. Through trial and error over the last number of years at ACHIEVE, we’ve come up with an alternative approach that … Read More

3 Leadership Choices for Creating a Culture of Safety


At ACHIEVE, we believe that everyone should be able to like where they work. People can only enjoy their work when they feel welcomed, included, and safe in the presence of leadership. We know that leadership impacts every aspect of an employee’s experience. We hear over and over again that people don’t quit organizations, they quit their bosses. If we … Read More

Communicate Your Organization’s Purpose


Developing an organizational mission statement will only help so much. Organizations must also communicate that purpose in meaningful ways to the people they wish to engage with, both internally and externally. In the last few years at ACHIEVE, we have become much more intentional about regularly communicating our purpose. When we’re having individual conversations at the start of meetings and … Read More

How to Make Your Mission Meaningful


Your organization’s mission and values should provide clarity for workers, helping everyone “row in the same direction.” But sometimes they don’t. I once worked in a human resources office with a multi-national corporation of 3,500 employees. I’ll call the company “Big International.” While Big was built on a foundation of hard work and had some good products that were prominent … Read More

Change Management as a Partnership


startup team working and planning in the meeting. team of young professional discussing new creative ideas on table in boardroom.

One of the most important and overlooked aspects of change management is the people-side of change. This is the most challenging and critical component of organizational transformation. New structures and approaches can be planned, policies may be created and policed, but these things do not guarantee success. Employees are an organization’s greatest asset. By engaging with them from the very … Read More

Ideas for Improving Employee Engagement


businessman holding two papers with happy and angry face each on them

Why do you work? Why does anyone work? Ask your friends or co-workers these questions and you are apt to get a variety of answers. Eventually, many people will get around (some sooner than others) to saying, “To pay the bills,” or some variant of this response. Let’s begin by acknowledging that most of us do not and could not … Read More

Great Leadership Requires Commitment


Am I a leader worth following? Am I building teams built to last? There are 3 components to each of these questions.  Competency, Commitment, and Character are essential to the first question: “Am I a leader worth following?”  Competency was covered in my last series post. This blog will focus on the commitment required for leadership. Commitment is persistence with … Read More

10 Leadership Books for the Holidays

Josh Hay

woman drinking cup of coffee reading book at fireplace. young black girl with hot beverage relaxing heating warming up. autumn at home.

The holidays are a great time to rejuvenate through diving into a book. As you head into the holiday season, here is a list of my favourite leadership and management books. These books have inspired me to think differently and grow as a leader and manager. You will find a range of styles and topics here. I have summarized why … Read More

Leadership Strategies for Taking Control

Josh Hay

When I started mediating, I found I was dealing with some very resistant people. I discovered firsthand that people who are angry, threatened, or scared will occasionally dig their heels in and hold on for dear life – sometimes to the point where they hurt themselves as much or more than they hurt the other party. You’ve probably noticed that … Read More

Discipline – Beyond Carrots and Sticks

Josh Hay

bored people in meeting

Many organizations have done a lot of work in recent years to understand what truly motivates people at work. In that process, we have been moving away from a “carrots and sticks” philosophy to one that is much more nuanced and based in behavioural science. “Carrots” are essentially simple rewards like cash bonuses, while “sticks” are punishments that cause pain. … Read More