How to Define Organizational Values in Your Workplace


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Excerpt from The Culture Question: We find Patrick Lencioni’s book The Advantage particularly insightful, and much of what we write here is inspired by his ideas.4 In our work with clients around defining values, we focus on the following two categories: DNA values: Values that make an organization fundamentally unique. Target values: Values that an organization wishes were true, but … Read More

A Leader’s Job: Finding Meaning in Helping Others Find Meaning


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Do you find your work meaningful? There are undoubtedly many factors that influence whether you find meaning in your work – the balance between time spent alone vs. time spent with people, your stress level, and even the degree of novelty, creativity, and physical activity all seem to play a role. It’s important that the job fits with who you … Read More

Why Alignment with Purpose Yields Great Results


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I recently rented a car and got a powerful lesson in alignment as part of the deal. Not wheel alignment, but alignment with purpose – at least that’s the way I interpreted it. The person who served me did several things incredibly well: she greeted me in a friendly and genuine way, and then went straight into business. She had … Read More

Leadership Lessons from Unlikely Places


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The Paper Chase is a 1973 film that sets a great example of how not to build a team. The movie is based on the 1971 novel of the same name; it shows a group of students who are completely overwhelmed with the workload of their classes at Harvard. They are humiliated by their professor, Charles W. Kingsfield Jr., who … Read More

How to Take the Sting out of Feedback


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Recently, a friend stated that she is working to see feedback as a gift, and I think she is right to try and see it that way. However, she explained that it isn’t always an easy gift to graciously accept – feedback is often hard to welcome and isn’t on many wish lists this season. Feedback places people in a … Read More

8 Key Questions for a Better Performance Review


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As I’ve written about previously, I’m not a fan of the annual performance review. There are so many ways to get it wrong, and very few ways for it to be useful. So, I have been searching for an alternative. Through trial and error over the last number of years at ACHIEVE, we’ve come up with an alternative approach that … Read More

3 Leadership Choices for Creating a Culture of Safety


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At ACHIEVE, we believe that everyone should be able to like where they work. People can only enjoy their work when they feel welcomed, included, and safe in the presence of leadership. We know that leadership impacts every aspect of an employee’s experience. We hear over and over again that people don’t quit organizations, they quit their bosses. If we … Read More

Communicate Your Organization’s Purpose


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Developing an organizational mission statement will only help so much. Organizations must also communicate that purpose in meaningful ways to the people they wish to engage with, both internally and externally. In the last few years at ACHIEVE, we have become much more intentional about regularly communicating our purpose. When we’re having individual conversations at the start of meetings and … Read More

How to Make Your Mission Meaningful


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Your organization’s mission and values should provide clarity for workers, helping everyone “row in the same direction.” But sometimes they don’t. I once worked in a human resources office with a multi-national corporation of 3,500 employees. I’ll call the company “Big International.” While Big was built on a foundation of hard work and had some good products that were prominent … Read More

Performance Reviews – Really?


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I’m shocked by how often I hear friends and colleagues express frustration about annual performance reviews. Given the amount of complaints I’ve heard, it seems that organizations are still investing an inordinate amount of time in an often-unhelpful process. What follows are two ways that organizations get annual meetings wrong, along with some ideas on how to improve the process … Read More