How to Build Employee Engagement


In Aesop’s fable, “The North Wind and the Sun,” two forces of nature demonstrate their very different styles of influence. In the story, the wind and the sun make a bet as to which of them can make a lone traveler take off his jacket. To demonstrate its strength, the wind blows and blows, but the man only grows colder … Read More

Change Management as a Partnership


startup team working and planning in the meeting. team of young professional discussing new creative ideas on table in boardroom.

One of the most important and overlooked aspects of change management is the people-side of change. This is the most challenging and critical component of organizational transformation. New structures and approaches can be planned, policies may be created and policed, but these things do not guarantee success. Employees are an organization’s greatest asset. By engaging with them from the very … Read More

Managing Difficult Responses to Feedback


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Have you ever felt like your feedback to a co-worker just wasn’t getting through? Recently I gave someone feedback that did absolutely nothing. In fact, the second and third time I gave the same feedback the behaviour didn’t change.  What was I doing wrong? I followed the five steps outlined in my last blog: I had an assertive mindset. I … Read More

Know Yourself – Self-Awareness for Strong Leadership


Who are you?  Really! What makes you tick, what gets you going? What are you good at?  What are you bad at?  Self-aware leaders continually ask themselves these questions.  They are curious, they seek out information and welcome the answers. Taking the time to be self-aware, to really consider one’s strengths and weaknesses, to build self-understanding, is not something that … Read More

Great Leadership Requires Commitment


Am I a leader worth following? Am I building teams built to last? There are 3 components to each of these questions.  Competency, Commitment, and Character are essential to the first question: “Am I a leader worth following?”  Competency was covered in my last series post. This blog will focus on the commitment required for leadership. Commitment is persistence with … Read More

4 Workplace Behaviours to Validate

Josh Hay

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Many managers are like the individual who, when their partner complains that they don’t tell them they love them anymore, responds with, “I said I love you when we first got together and I’ll let you know if anything changes.” Similarly, many managers act as if hiring an employee is recognition enough, and they will let the employee know if … Read More

10 Leadership Books for the Holidays

Josh Hay

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The holidays are a great time to rejuvenate through diving into a book. As you head into the holiday season, here is a list of my favourite leadership and management books. These books have inspired me to think differently and grow as a leader and manager. You will find a range of styles and topics here. I have summarized why … Read More

Leadership Strategies for Taking Control

Josh Hay

When I started mediating, I found I was dealing with some very resistant people. I discovered firsthand that people who are angry, threatened, or scared will occasionally dig their heels in and hold on for dear life – sometimes to the point where they hurt themselves as much or more than they hurt the other party. You’ve probably noticed that … Read More

Corrective Feedback – Moving Beyond Criticism

Josh Hay

Corrective feedback is often misunderstood as criticism plus justification: “I was just speaking the truth,” or, “They needed someone to put them in their place.” However, giving corrective feedback is not about offering criticism. Criticism aims to find fault, to point out weakness, or to lay blame. Giving corrective feedback, on the other hand, aims to strengthen relationships, improve performance, … Read More

How to Develop People, Skills AND Character

Josh Hay

If you had to choose to focus on either developing skills or developing character, which would you choose? I know it’s a forced choice, but which one is more important? Think about who you would prefer to work with. Would you prefer to work with someone who has strength of character, or someone who is very skilled? As for me, … Read More