15 Competencies of Great Leadership

John Neufeld

In my previous blog post – 2 Fundamental Questions All Great Leaders Ask  – we focused on these 2 questions: Am I a leader worth following? Am I building teams built to last? There are 3 components to each of these questions.  Competency, Commitment, and Character are essential to the first question: “Am I a leader worth following?”  This blog … Read More

9 Leadership Books for the Holidays

Eric Stutzman

I find that the holidays are a great time to rejuvenate through diving into a book. As you head into the holiday season, here is a list of my favourite leadership and management books for the year. These books have inspired me to think differently and grow as a leader and manager. You will find a range of styles and … Read More

10 Guiding Leadership Principles

Randy Grieser

Leadership photo of arrows

Most leaders I know can clearly identify two or three, perhaps even ten or more, guiding principles. These are principles leaders aspire to, strive for and identify as instrumental to their success. I have ten guiding leadership principles. Note that ten is not better than five, nor is fifteen better than ten. These principles are not all equal. Some I … Read More

Leading Through Conflict: 6 Crucial Realizations

Eric Stutzman

leading through conflict compass

After years of working as a mediator, consultant, and organizational leader, I now understand that there are at least six crucial realizations for leaders to successfully navigate organizational conflict. I will describe six critical things to remember, and then I’ll summarize with the most important thing you can do to lead through conflict. Six Crucial Realizations By the time that … Read More