The Dangers of Time Management


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As I prepare to record a webinar series on time management, I’ve also been thinking about the dangers of focusing too much on time management. Do you ever find yourself thinking or saying, “One day, I will be on top of my life and work demands. I only need to find the right combination of time management strategies, the motivation … Read More

8 Tips for Making Better Decisions


We’ve all made our share of bad decisions. Decisions where the result surprised us, and not for the good.We thought it would work out differently but then we end up looking at a mess, or at an unintended conclusion. In classical mythology an oracle was a person who provided wise counsel. There is a story of King Croesus, who consults … Read More

5 Ways to Stop Wasting Valuable Time


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If I had a penny for every time I have heard “I don’t have time”, “If only I had the time” or “I’ll have time when I’m dead,” I would be rich. This seeming lack of time has become the new politics: we are invested in complaining about it, yet feel powerless to change it. Our culture of martyrdom, perfectionism, … Read More

9 Tips to Overcome Procrastination


What things are you a pro at avoiding? Or more gently said, what things do you mentally move to tomorrow? What are the tasks you should do that you just don’t seem to find the time for, the will for, or the interest in doing? We all have our list. These are the things we find a way to justify … Read More

5 Techniques to Help Fight Focus Fatigue


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I gazed at the 30 expectant faces. I opened my mouth to speak but the words weren’t there. My sentences began with “Um,” or “Uuuh…”. I had written the presentation, but it was coming out as slowly as an 8-year-old goes to bed. When I finally found the words, they weren’t quite what I wanted to say. I tried to … Read More

Finding Happiness at Work

Josh Hay

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I recently asked a new hire how she was feeling about her new job, and she replied, “I love it. I had never considered doing anything like this before, but my friends tell me that it makes sense that I would like it.” This felt like incredible validation for our hiring process. Through trial and error, and some hard lessons, … Read More

How to be Open to New Ideas

Josh Hay

Have you ever noticed that when you introduce a new idea to someone in a conversation, the other person has a difficult time accepting the new idea as true? The harder you push, the more the other person will resist, insisting on what they believe to be true. This sets up a positional fight, right verses wrong, and a win-lose … Read More

6 Keys to Get and Stay Organized

Josh Hay

A friend recently had a house fire. She forgot a pot of soup broth on the stove. Her last memory was of the broth gently boiling. Hours later she returned to find her home filled with black smoke. The family has since moved into a hotel and the house is in the process of being steamed and scrubbed. Ever optimistic … Read More

How to Develop People, Skills AND Character

Josh Hay

If you had to choose to focus on either developing skills or developing character, which would you choose? I know it’s a forced choice, but which one is more important? Think about who you would prefer to work with. Would you prefer to work with someone who has strength of character, or someone who is very skilled? As for me, … Read More

7 Steps for Controlling your Emotions

Josh Hay

When you find yourself in a tough situation, the ability to master your emotions can mean the difference between success and failure. Here are seven steps for managing your emotions: 1. Know it’s your job It’s healthy to recognize that stress emotions are normal, and even inevitable for most of us. However, it is important to know that it’s your … Read More