5 Steps for Overcoming a Professional Setback

Janelle Jackiw

While it is often our goal to advance our career, at times we may run into professional setbacks. These delays can be disappointing, create feelings of anxiety and frustration, and make us question our next steps. Setbacks can include not receiving a well-deserved promotion or interview, not getting a job that you are well qualified for, or being let go. … Read More

How to Improve Your Job Skills


What makes a prospective employee valuable? Is it their training? Whether they have a university degree? or something else? I believe that what makes an employee valuable to an organization comes from their aptitude rather than their credentials. I know a few people who are currently applying for jobs but have been discouraged to see how many positions list a … Read More

Envision Your Future with a Vision Board

Kristen Deuzeman

vision board, idea board, envisioning, future, planning, five year plan, self-actualization

This past winter solstice, which is of course the darkest day of the year, I started thinking about the weather, collective isolation, lockdowns, and how I was going to manage the long haul ahead. Interestingly, I learned that the winter solstice is also prime time for manifesting or channeling our energy to attract what we desire. I believe that when … Read More

4 Steps for Increasing Your Resiliency

Brodie Church

resilience, workplace culture, leadership, employees, leadership development, personal growth

How do you define yourself? Often the start of a new year encourages us to reflect on the triumphs and struggles that have helped define us. Although this practice can help us create meaning from our experiences and show us what we can do to be happier in the future, many of us are left without answers. Could our lack … Read More

Coping During COVID-19 – Practicing Resilience

Vicki Enns

resilience during COVID-19, coronavirus, self-care, mental health, well-being, workplace culture

Talking about coping and resilience during the pandemic has become a bit like discussing the weather. It’s on many of our minds when we wake up in the morning, and it’s become part of our regular small talk when we say hello. Although the “weather forecast” of COVID-19 differs depending on geography, we all need to be able to adapt … Read More

How to Stay Focused on Your Work


how to stay focused, stay focused, focus, deep work, focused work, attention, motivation, workplace culture, pay attention

I’ve become increasingly aware of how many distractions many of us encounter at work. With all the messaging apps, emails, phone calls, and Zoom meetings, there are so many possible interruptions that can prevent us from being productive. This is why one of the most important things I’ve learned over the last several years is how to stay focused. I … Read More

How to Embrace Change

Kristen Deuzeman

change, embracing change, self-care, counselling, therapy, therapist, adapting to change

Change and unpredictability can sometimes weave their way into nearly every facet of life. Whether it’s one’s career, workplace, finances, family life, or social interactions, there are often no scripts for navigating the world our new normal. The constant change and need to adapt has felt chaotic, leaving me to merely tolerate it and pivot accordingly when required. When we … Read More

Why Reading Together Is Important

Eric Stutzman

reading together, reading, business, leadership, management, workplace culture, book club

Those of us in leadership at ACHIEVE have often found our thinking propelled by what we read. In fact, we often exchange good books with each other to sharpen our thinking and work. Many of our innovations in marketing, management, and the services we offer have been informed by the books we have read. As many of you know, we … Read More

How to Learn a New Skill in 4 Steps

Briar Schulz

learning skills, new skills, self-development, education

The COVID-19 pandemic has been undeniably challenging for many but has also presented the opportunity for learning new skills – either by choice or as a requirement. If I am completely honest, I have become increasingly resistant to learning new skills as I get older! To be clear, I love the learning once it has actually occurred, but in those … Read More

How Setting Goals Can Help You Make Tough Decisions

Deanne Kaar

goals, goal setting, organization, decisions, tough decisions, difficult decisions, choices, priorities, leadership, workplace culture

When faced with a tough decision, it is common to sometimes feel stuck and not know how to move forward. Whether you are thinking about changing jobs, starting a new hobby, or branching out from your social circle, it can be uncomfortable to try new things. At times when I’ve had to make a tough decision, I have found myself … Read More