5 Ways to Stay Happy and Engaged at Work

Jessica Antony

Whether you’re working from home or back in the office (or balancing a hybrid of the two), enjoying what you do and how you do it is crucial to not just the longevity of your career, but the richness of it. Putting your head down and clocking in and out every day may be a strategy used by some, but, … Read More

5 Considerations When Setting New Year’s Resolutions

Sheri Coburn

A New Year is an opportunity to bring better balance to our work life. Camp one is the “New Year’s resolution camp”. It is full of spoken hope, a public sharing of aspirations for the year ahead, and promises and written goals that will serve as guiding principles for all that we should have been done better last year. Camp … Read More

10 Tips for Nurturing Happiness

Wendy Loewen

Happiness depends upon ourselves. Aristotle As we head into special times of the year such as holiday or vacation, we often anticipate finding happiness. But, I wonder if we can ever really find happiness? What is the real stuff made of? Not the illusion that disappears along with the last joyful moment of our holiday. I’m not so sure that … Read More

5 Steps for Coping with Change

Charmaine Wintermute

coping with change, change at work, leadership, workplace culture

Like the impending shift of the seasons, change is inevitable. Recently as I was walking beside my house, I noticed a gold leaf slowly descend from its tree to the ground. Then another. Then another. Such change. I was sad and reflective because this meant winter was coming. Major changes like the start of a new season are also present … Read More

4 Steps for Recovering from a Mistake at Work


making mistakes at work, workplace culture, self-care

I’ve already made my fair share of mistakes as I’ve adjusted to my role as the coordinator for ACHIEVE Publishing. With added responsibilities and higher stakes, as well as new tasks and processes to learn, there’s been ample opportunity for mishaps. One of the bigger mistakes I’ve made happened because of a miscommunication with our book printer. We wanted the … Read More

How to Embrace Change

Kristen Deuzeman

change, embracing change, self-care, counselling, therapy, therapist, adapting to change

Change and unpredictability can sometimes weave their way into nearly every facet of life. Whether it’s one’s career, workplace, finances, family life, or social interactions, there are often no scripts for navigating the world our new normal. The constant change and need to adapt has felt chaotic, leaving me to merely tolerate it and pivot accordingly when required. When we … Read More

How to Practice Self-Care in 60 Seconds

Shelly Qualtieri

self-care, self-talk, positive self-talk, workplace health, mental health

We can all recognize and acknowledge just how busy and hectic life gets. Whether that be with our families, as individuals, in our jobs, or because of extracurricular activities. When we wear many hats, we can feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and plain uncertain about where to start at times. With all life’s responsibilities, where do we fit in? How in the … Read More

5 Steps for Overcoming a Professional Setback

Janelle Jackiw

professional setback, mistakes at work, healthy workplace

While it is often our goal to advance our career, at times we may run into professional setbacks. These delays can be disappointing, create feelings of anxiety and frustration, and make us question our next steps. Setbacks can include not receiving a well-deserved promotion or interview, not getting a job that you are well qualified for, or being let go. … Read More

How to Improve Your Job Skills


job skills, employee development, workplace training, continuous improvement, self-improvement, learning, training, workplace culture

What makes a prospective employee valuable? Is it their training? Whether they have a university degree? or something else? I believe that what makes an employee valuable to an organization comes from their aptitude rather than their credentials. I know a few people who are currently applying for jobs but have been discouraged to see how many positions list a … Read More

Envision Your Future with a Vision Board

Kristen Deuzeman

vision board, idea board, envisioning, future, planning, five year plan, self-actualization

This past winter solstice, which is of course the darkest day of the year, I started thinking about the weather, collective isolation, lockdowns, and how I was going to manage the long haul ahead. Interestingly, I learned that the winter solstice is also prime time for manifesting or channeling our energy to attract what we desire. I believe that when … Read More