Safety Through Mindfulness

Josh Hay

  I used to think mindfulness – bringing your focus to only the immediate present – was dangerous. If I think only of what’s happening in the moment, how will I plan for the future? I wondered. I considered the mindfulness technique of focusing on one’s breath to be equally unsafe: If I’m just thinking about breathing in and out, I won’t think … Read More

Why Curiosity is Key to Assessing Threats of Violence

Josh Hay

I recently attended a conference related to violence and the assessment of potential for violence. I have attended many of these types of conferences over the years and have found a common theme presented to be the subtle and sometimes not so subtle punitive response to those who utter threats or are viewed as a potential to escalate towards violence. … Read More

Employee Appreciation Day – Make the Most of March 4

Josh Hay

The greeting card companies have missed an opportunity, but that doesn’t mean we have to. Somewhere between Valentine’s Day and St Patty’s day lies a free pass for anyone looking to celebrate the importance of teamwork and leadership! March 4 is Employee Appreciation Day and leaders everywhere should take action. The good leader sees March 4 on the calendar and … Read More

Surviving the Office Party – 5 Things You Need to Know

Josh Hay

Business man getting sick in bag at holiday office party

The holiday season is upon us, and many workplaces utilize the opportunity to celebrate the spirit of the season by hosting an event or party.  Although every organization’s approach to the holiday office party can be different, there are often commonalities. A typical holiday office event or party may be: an event that happens outside regular working hours; has alcoholic … Read More

10 Strategies for Detecting and Responding to Lying

Josh Hay

Woman with long nose implying she's lying

Here’s the shocking news: We are all liars. Maybe that sounds harsh, but let me explain. Most of us lie just a little bit to make others feel better, prevent ourselves from being caught, simplify explanations, or get a small reward such as admiration from our peers. Our own lying makes it difficult to spot and respond positively to more … Read More

3 Tips for Cross-Cultural Travel

Josh Hay

Who wouldn’t trust him? His English was excellent, and with his wide jaw and easy smile he looked like a Punjabi Robin Williams. He was offering a taxi cab ride to the Delhi railway station for 300 rupees – and told us that even the tuk-tuk drivers would charge more. What we didn’t know is that we would never make … Read More