5 Tips for Fostering Psychological Safety in Your Workplace

Wendy Loewen

psychological safety, workplace culture, leadership

This past week I read an article by leadership scholar, Amy Edmondson, on learning behavior in work teams. It struck me as both simple and profound. Although it was written in 1999, it seems particularly relevant today. Edmondson’s research points out that most organizations are not adaptive in new situations – they simply wait for things to return to the … Read More

Workplace Culture and Customer Service – Don’t Blame the Lettuce

Eric Stutzman

customer service, frontline workers, leadership, management, employee, workplace, organization development, workplace culture

I recently had an unsettling customer service experience when I went to pick up some dry cleaning. The employee behind the counter could not find my garments. Instead of apologizing or saying she would look into solving the issue, she muttered under her breath, “I hate working here.” Then she said things like, “I don’t know what they were thinking.” … Read More

How to be Innovative: 3 Big Ideas

Eric Stutzman

innovation, workplace innovation, creativity, how to innovation, workplace culture, leadership

I used to picture innovation as something mysterious that would happen in a scientist’s lab. But after working at a highly innovative company, I have learned that it is quite the opposite. In fact, the process of innovation is straightforward. We plan for it. But first, let’s be clear that creativity and innovation are not the same thing. What is … Read More

Suicide and the Workplace – How to Communicate & Cope

Lynda Monk

suicide in the workplace, warning signs, best practices, death of a coworker, employee, leader, manager, workplace culture

Death by suicide often renders a lot of silence, shame, and regret among family members, friends, and colleagues. Survivors are often left wondering if there was more they could have done to help the person who was suffering. They may ask questions like, “Why did this person do this?” “What if I could have done more?” or “What if I … Read More

Four Approaches to Accountability

Eric Stutzman

workplace accountability, workplace culture, organizational culture, leadership, management

[Excerpt from The Culture Question] Organizations can approach accountability in four distinct ways, as we explain with a model called the Accountability Grid (see image below). We’ve adapted this matrix from Ted Wachtel’s use of the Social Discipline Window, a conflict resolution tool. The four approaches are based on varying levels of both accountability and support: Ignoring: Avoiding problems we’d … Read More

How to Promote Continuous Learning

Mark Schinkel

continuous learning, workplace culture, employees, leaders, mangement

One of the great joys of retirement is having more time (and perspective) to observe and reflect. As I consider the growth and development of my toddling grandchildren, I can’t help but note the extent to which they enthusiastically engage in an endless cycle of act, experience the outcome, receive feedback, learn. This iterative process is what translates a near-blank … Read More

Creating a Culture of Accountability

Eric Stutzman

accountability, workplace culture, leadership, management

[Excerpt from The Culture Question] Accountability is one of the pillars of a highly functional and healthy workplace culture. Simply put, accountability means that people take responsibility for what they say they will do and what they have already done. Accountability and trust walk hand in hand. When we do what we say we will do, we establish trust. When … Read More

How Gender Bias Impacts Everyone

Wendy Loewen

gender bias, workplace culture, gender equality, feminism, women in leadership

Working for equality in the workplace is not just about helping women gain a voice – it’s about allowing everyone to have a voice and a choice. My dad was the first of his five siblings to move away from his home and community. Fifty-six years ago, he left his family farm to go to what was at the time … Read More

How to Develop a Culture of Mentorship

Eric Stutzman

mentorship, workplace culture, team building, workplace performance

[Excerpt from The Culture Question] One often-overlooked strategy for creating a culture where people like to work is to consciously and consistently develop employees through mentorship. Investing in staff in this way creates opportunities for meaningful relationships, shows employees that they are valued, and allows them to develop their abilities, which will ultimately help the organization. A mentoring culture may … Read More

Want a Healthy Workplace? Start with an Assessment!

Eric Stutzman

When I started as ACHIEVE’s Managing Director, our workplace culture was unhealthy. Our CEO was aware of this and wanted to do something about it. During my first week, he said “Eric, I know something is wrong with our culture, and your first job is to help us get healthy again.” Nothing like a good challenge to start a job … Read More