3 Pillars & Principles of Trauma-Informed Workplaces

Vicki Enns

You have probably heard a lot of buzz around being trauma-informed as it’s a term that is becoming increasingly embraced. Many organizations are actively seeking out ways to ensure their programming and services are fit for this label, which means they are engaging in the following pillars of trauma-informed care: Awareness of the prevalence of trauma, and how common it … Read More

Why Meeting Norms Matter

Mark Schinkel

meeting norms, workplace culture, setting expectations, teamwork, collaboration

In my work as a school board superintendent, I had the great privilege of leading and participating with many teams. Consistently investing time on the front end to clarify the why, what, and how of our work was well worth the time. Team members need to be clear about the purpose for which the team exists (the why), the nature … Read More

Building Trust at Work

Eric Stutzman

trust, building trust at work, leadership, management, workplace culture

In search of some inspiration for this article (and because of a writing deadline), I went for a walk to our neighborhood coffee shop. The barista engaged me in conversation by asking about my day and work – I told him I write about workplace culture. Then I asked him what he thought made a great workplace culture. Without missing … Read More

Why We Still Need to Strive for Gender Equality

Wendy Loewen

gender equality, women in the workplace, feminism, feminist, women in leadership, workplace culture, workplace equality

This past weekend, my sister-in-law told me a family story I hadn’t heard before. When she was 16, she had a minor car accident. She hit a tree lining the driveway when backing the family car out of the garage. Her mother told her that she would have to tell her dad what she had done when he came home … Read More

Insights on Developing Character

Eric Stutzman

developing character, workplace culture, leaders, leadership

[Excerpt from The Culture Question] It’s often said that an organization’s people are its most valuable resources. Though it is well understood that a key role of a good leader is helping employees develop their skills, we often overlook the importance of character development for both leaders and employees. We all want to be good at what we do, and … Read More

4 Ways to Build a Culture of Trust

Eric Stutzman

workplace culture, culture of trust, organizational culture

Too often, I see people at work trying to avoid feelings of discomfort or pain, or showing others that they don’t feel difficult emotions. I believe this is a critical mistake. Our emotions – including pain – allow us to become vulnerable and build trust with each other. Our office recently gathered for a session on reconciliation, prompted by our … Read More

The Power of Emotional Contagion at Work

Wendy Loewen

emotion, emotion contagion, influence at work, workplace culture, leadership

This week I have been thinking about the influence workplaces can have on our emotions. Our environment influences how we feel, which, in turn, affects how motivated we are to tackle the challenges of our work. Just as you can pick up accents or vocal quirks from being around certain people, you can also pick up others’ emotions. Emotions rapidly … Read More

Why You Should Build Your Team’s Emotional Intelligence

Mark Schinkel

The impact of emotional intelligence on personal and professional wellbeing, as well as productivity, is beyond debate. It is, without a doubt, a difference-making variable. Emotionally intelligent people are able to assess their own emotions and the emotions of others, and then use that information to guide their words and actions. [1] Did you know that emotional intelligence can also … Read More

“Feedback” Is Not a Bad Word

Wendy Loewen

feedback, coaching, leadership, workplace culture

Recently, I have read several articles on why feedback does not work. While I agree that there are ways to give feedback that can make it less useful – and in some cases it may even worsen a situation – in my experience, the right kind of feedback given in the right manner is an impetus for learning and growth. … Read More

Three Questions for Getting Your Rituals Right

Eric Stutzman

An organization’s rituals are a reflection of its values and intentions. They help build camaraderie, they communicate our expectations about how to behave, and they give us a sense of being a part of a unique and special place. Rituals tell new employees a lot about what the organization is like and how they should behave. We have two new … Read More