5 Practical Ways to Make Work Meaningful

Eric Stutzman

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[Excerpt from The Culture Question] Motivation and employee engagement are on the minds of many leaders we meet. However, we rarely hear leaders make the connection between motivation and meaningful work. As one of the key ingredients of employee engagement, fulfilling work greatly increases workplace motivation. When an employee’s work is meaningful, they will be motivated to challenge themselves and … Read More

Employee Engagement Starts with Culture

Wendy Loewen

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Research consistently shows that customer service, innovation, and meeting organizational goals are natural outcomes when employee engagement is high. In our book, The Culture Question, my co-authors and I conducted a survey of over 2,400 people to explore what makes a workplace healthy and engaging. When we asked participants about what makes them feel engaged at work, we heard a … Read More

Does Your Organization Have a Safety Net?

Wendy Loewen

On our honeymoon, my husband and I drove across the Golden Gate Bridge – my feet tingled for the entire drive (I am slightly afraid of heights). The experience is memorable not only because of the physical sensations that accompanied the trek, but also for the impressive nature of the structure. Spanning over 4000 feet, and with its highest point … Read More

Why Do You Work?

Eric Stutzman

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Excerpt from The Culture Question: Why do you work? Why does anyone work? Ask your friends and coworkers, and you are likely to get a variety of answers. But sooner or later, most people will say something along the lines of, “To pay the bills.” Let’s begin by acknowledging that most of us do not, and could not, work for … Read More

How to Create a Culture of Improvement

Wendy Loewen

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As a youth, I showed horses. The judge would stand in the center of the arena as we rode around and at the end of the class, riders would line up in the center and winners would ride forward to receive their award as the audience clapped. For many years, I stayed in the center of the arena and left … Read More

What If Your Organization Didn’t Exist?

Randy Grieser

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Purpose should matter not only to employees. It should matter to our customers, clients, and the broader community as well. Every organization needs external people to be invested in its purpose in order to survive in the long run. Throughout history, businesses, not-for-profits, and government agencies have come and gone. Some have been missed for a moment, but most have … Read More

The Importance Of Aligning Purpose

Eric Stutzman

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In the same way that a pure profit motive divorced from a greater purpose leads to unhealthy organizational practices, so does working solely for a paycheck at an individual level. We have seen time and again how poorly people perform when all they care about – or all they have left to care about – is the paycheck at the … Read More

Do You Have to Like Your Colleagues?

Mike Labun

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As a workplace mediator I’m sometimes asked, “Do I have to like the people I work with?” I’m always tempted to tell them “No” – that they just have to do their jobs – but that wouldn’t quite be true. I say this because effective communication requires positive interactions among team members. Imagine that Adrian and Bobby work for you, … Read More

Doing Work That Matters

Eric Stutzman

Culture Question: How to Create a Workplace Where People Like to Work

One morning as I, Eric, left the house, I said to my preschool-aged daughter, “Have a fun day on your field trip!” She replied, “Have a fun day at work!” Her reply made me smile. It was such a natural response coming from a child. Who doesn’t like to have fun? Yet I couldn’t help thinking that, while I like … Read More

Develop Your Culture Through Conscious Onboarding

Mike Labun

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Think back to your first day at your current job. Were you greeted at the door with fanfare and taken for lunch? Or, were you shown to your workstation and given an employee handbook? How did the way people treated you make you feel about your new workplace? How did this affect your subsequent behaviour at work? If you’re like … Read More