How to Fix a Culture Problem


A few years ago, a major furniture retailer opened a new mega store in my home city with much fanfare. It was bright and shiny – a shopper’s heaven for the masses! When I visited the store for the first time, each staff person I talked to seemed happy and interested in being there, but unfortunately this excitement didn’t last. … Read More

Why Workplace Culture Matters


Workplace culture is the most significant factor that influences happiness, work relationships, and job satisfaction. Having a clear understanding of what workplace culture is, and what your own organization’s culture is, will help you more easily identify problems and develop strategies to create a better culture and capitalize on its positive energy. In their article, “The Leader’s Guide to Corporate … Read More

The Culture Question: Book and Survey


Four members of ACHIEVE’s leadership team – Randy Grieser, Eric Stutzman, Wendy Loewen, and Michael Labun – are finalizing ACHIEVE Publishing’s most recent book titled, The Culture Question: How to Create a Workplace Where People Like to Work. The formal release date of the book will be in January of 2019. However, the book is available for pre-order now and … Read More

Just a Little Respect


At ACHIEVE we have a workshop on Respectful Workplaces. At the start of the workshop I often ask participants what comes to mind when they hear the word “respect”. Almost every time I ask that question, someone will mention or even break out in song with a line from Aretha Franklin’s song Respect. This got me thinking about the history … Read More

Four Workstyles: How to Get Better at What You Do


A key skill to being successful in life is understanding yourself: how you think, why you act certain ways, and what makes you happy or unhappy. A healthy sense of self-awareness is a catalyst for living a fulfilled life. Self-awareness is also essential for the workplace, because every person has a different work style. If you want to maximize your … Read More

Take Time for Fun at Work


As a busy leader or employee, you might wonder: Is having fun actually an important part of work? In our view at ACHIEVE, it is. We recently conducted a 2,400-person survey about what makes a great workplace. In the written answers to the questions, “What about your workplace contributes to making it a great place to work?” and “What about … Read More

Why Interest in Our Work Matters – A Lesson from Fine Dining


A fine dining experience this past weekend showed me just how important it is that staff are interested in what they are doing. My family had been given a gift certificate for a local French restaurant, and we were pleased to have the opportunity to try something new. The restaurant was in a lovely setting in a historical building. My … Read More

Ideas for Improving Employee Engagement


businessman holding two papers with happy and angry face each on them

Why do you work? Why does anyone work? Ask your friends or co-workers these questions and you are apt to get a variety of answers. Eventually, many people will get around (some sooner than others) to saying, “To pay the bills,” or some variant of this response. Let’s begin by acknowledging that most of us do not and could not … Read More

2 Tips to Getting Teamwork Right


business, startup, gesture, people and teamwork concept - happy creative team making high five in office

We are often told to avoid following the crowd. In the words of Henrik Ibsen, “The majority is never right,” but sometimes a crowd can provide insights an individual cannot. Francis Galton, a brilliant scientist in the early 1900s, demonstrated this point perfectly. He came across a contest at a country fair where fairgoers were invited to guess the weight … Read More

Why and How to Hire for Diversity


In the workshops I teach, I often talk about hiring for fit with an organizational culture. When I say this, I mean that we should be hiring applicants for the way they connect with our organizational culture and its values. On one level, it is important to hire people whom we can appreciate and enjoy. However, the risk in focusing … Read More