How to Reduce Workplace Drama

Eric Stutzman

Do you ever get tired of relational drama at work?  I’m thinking of the kind where someone comes to talk to you about someone else: “You wouldn’t believe what Chris did today…”  It’s easy to become caught up in the stories our colleagues tell us about other people.  But getting caught up in the drama usually weakens our relationships and … Read More

Humor at Work: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Mike Labun

happy people working in an office

What kind of jokes are healthy? What kind lead to good teamwork? Social scientist Rod Martin categorized humor into four categories and research on these four categories is being carried on throughout the world. While all of these categories can be good, too much of some can be dangerous. Below are the good, the usually good, and the slippery slope … Read More

Have Purpose – It’s Better Than Fun

Eric Stutzman

motivated employees

This morning as I left the house, I said to my four-year-old daughter, “Have a fun day on your field trip!” And she replied, “Have a fun day at work!” Her reply made me smile. It made sense, especially because it came from a child. And yet, I couldn’t help thinking that while I like to have fun at work, … Read More

5 Warning Signs of Groupthink

Wendy Loewen

What is groupthink? Why should we avoid it, and how will we know it when we see it? We need others in our lives to do well—both at home and at work. We talk a lot about social support, about collaboration and about teamwork. We know three heads are better than one and that a strong team wins over a … Read More

6 Ways to Find a Friend at Work

Wendy Loewen

Making friends can be a difficult thing. When my son started at a new high school he asked me who I thought his friends would be. My response was that like finds like and that good people are drawn to each other. I also explained that there were specific things he could do to help himself find a friend or … Read More

5 Essential Smartphone Behaviours

George `Anderson

“I am so ticked off; he must have texted or checked his phone a dozen times during our meeting!” Is this type of behaviour rude or is it an efficient use of your business time? Does the risk of incivility outweigh our need to be accessible and instantly responsive to a lot of people? The debate rages today. When we … Read More

3 Benefits of Having Friends at Work

Wendy Loewen

Do you have friends at work? The majority of working adults between ages twenty-five and fifty-four answer this question with a no, and yet having a friend in the workplace may hold the key to an uplifting, fulfilling, and genuinely more enjoyable work experience. The average adult spends forty hours, give or take, at work each week. This is a … Read More

3 Characteristics of Great Employees

Wendy Loewen

The best workplaces are filled with great employees – but finding great employees to hire is not always easy. Often our interview questions don’t help us identify the characteristics we should be looking for. Sometimes we don’t even know what we should look for. And sometimes we don’t recognize it when it’s right under our noses. When my son was … Read More

3 Ways to Leverage Diversity Within Your Organization

Shadell Permanand

Diverse people in bubbles being lifted by hands

“I know there is strength in the differences between us. I know there is comfort, where we overlap.”  – Ani Difranco (American singer/songwriter) October is designated as Global Diversity Awareness Month. This is a good time to look at strengthening your organization through leveraging diversity. First of all, let’s make sure we are on the same page when we use … Read More

Laughter for a Better Workplace

Sheri Coburn

Laughter ought to be considered an essential workplace skill. We value it so highly at our office that we ask all interviewees, “When will we hear you laugh?” If they can’t answer that question, we start to get concerned. I have a painfully dull laugh. In fact, often when I find something really funny, instead of laughing, I will say … Read More