Why Reading Together Is Important

Eric Stutzman

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Those of us in leadership at ACHIEVE have often found our thinking propelled by what we read. In fact, we often exchange good books with each other to sharpen our thinking and work. Many of our innovations in marketing, management, and the services we offer have been informed by the books we have read.

As many of you know, we are in the professional development training industry. We know that learning changes lives, and while we believe that attending our online or in-person workshops is a great way to learn, there are other ways to develop and grow as well. One of these ways is to read – in particular, to read together with others from your organization.

Some workplaces have a book club for the purpose of learning together. These groups meet monthly or even weekly to discuss the latest chapter or book that was assigned. We really value this approach because it helps organizations collectively learn and develop. This can create a more unified approach for working through problems or towards important goals. Recently, a client of ours told us that when they did a leadership book study using The Culture Question: How to Create a Workplace Where People Like to Work, it was transformative for their workplace culture.

While many people agree that reading together is valuable, we know for some it can seem like too much effort – reading and spending time in discussion is another thing to fit into an already busy schedule. We have a solution for this!

We’ve created a new resource – a very small book that only takes twenty minutes to read entitled, A Little Book About Workplace Culture. It has six short chapters with thought-provoking, discussion-oriented questions. Whether you’ve been in a book club for a long time or are just considering putting one together, the accessible nature of this book and the reflection questions make it an ideal resource. We’ve kept the price low and created bulk order discounts to make it as affordable as possible. The purpose of this particular book is to help organizations begin to have focused conversations about creating and maintaining healthy workplace cultures.

You can watch a short video about the book, learn more, and purchase the book here.

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Authors: Randy Grieser; Eric Stutzman
Founder, ACHIEVE Centre for Leadership
CEO, ACHIEVE Centre for Leadership

Randy and Eric are co-authors, with Wendy Loewen and Mike Labun, of ACHIEVE’s book, The Culture Question: How to Create a Workplace Where People Like to Work, and their new book, The Little Book About Workplace Culture. Both books are available on our website.

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