Eric believes that coaching works best when there is a solid relationship between the coach and the client. He believes that it often involves education and that it should produce positive changes for the client. Eric wrote and produced ACHIEVE’s Coaching Strategies for Leaders workshop. His coaching specialties include conflict resolution, performance development and team leadership. Eric has been active in the field of coaching since 1998.

As Managing Director of ACHIEVE, Eric provides leadership for a large team of staff and trainers. In this capacity, he directs the development and delivery of ACHIEVE’s workshops and services and also coaches those he leads in their development.

In addition to his role with ACHIEVE, Eric is a Chartered Mediator and current President of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Manitoba.  He has worked as an administrator, board chair, senior mediator, trainer and lead negotiator for other organizations in various parts of Canada. Eric’s educational background includes a degree in sociology with a focus on mediation and peacemaking, leadership development training and a certificate in mediation skills.