Shawn believes that a cohesive team is critical to the success of any operation. Teams need to understand the factors that contribute to healthy or unhealthy workplaces and be able to navigate through that conflict. Shawn has worked with teams in non-profit, government, healthcare and commercial organizations.

As the Director of Operations for St. John Ambulance – Federal District Council, Shawn provides leadership for a team comprised of paid staff, contracted instructors and volunteers. He oversees training and development, community services and day to day operations. Before joining St. John Ambulance, Shawn spent 17 years at Citibank, with the last 10 years as a senior executive in their Learning & Development division. Shawn’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Education, a Master of Education and a Master’s Certificate in Return on Investment.

Shawn is known for his ability to quickly establish rapport with a group and use humor to create an environment in which people are comfortable sharing, which he believes facilitates the transfer of knowledge. Shawn has been facilitating for nearly 15 years.