Tim Nickel is a mediator, organizational consultant and ACHIEVE trainer in based in Saskatoon. Over the past two decades, he has worked as a mediator and facilitator with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice as well as clients in private, non-profit, public service, and First Nations organizations. In addition to his work as a consultant and facilitator, Tim has hands-on experience on board executive committees, leading small and large non-profit organizations through visioning, strategic planning, and organizational change. He believes that healthy organizations form the bedrock of a healthy and resilient society.

Tim’s focuses are assessing and developing organizations and intervening in conflicted and toxic workplaces. He has developed his reputation by truly understanding people – wherever and whoever they are – and supporting organizations at critical points in their evolution. He facilitates dialogue between people that allows them to shift the ground of their relationships. From cultural change to strategic planning, training, and systems design, he helps organizations identify and implement what they need to thrive and cope with change.

Tim patiently listens to multiple perspectives and helps people build the foundation of stability and health. Described as good-humored, fair-minded, and strategic, Tim earns the trust of his clients. He rejuvenates himself through athletics, music, and spending time with his wife and their eccentric teenage sons.