Wendy believes that learning is a dynamic and life-long endeavor and with commitment, guidance and individualized support, it can be inspiring, enjoyable and motivating. She cares deeply about supporting teams to work cohesively and strengthening the abilities of employees, managers and supervisors to perform effectively.

In her role as a Training and Development Specialist with ACHIEVE, Wendy coaches and supports a large team of trainers, providing them with assistance and guidance as they create material for ACHIEVE and prepare to deliver trainings. She has Bachelor’s degrees in both psychology and education. Wendy taught elementary and high school and has over 12 years of experience developing curriculum in a wide a variety of content areas for the Nunavut Department of Education. As a former director of a health and social services program, she is skilled at working with and managing teams. Her certification in both Step 1 and Step 2 of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator offers additional insight into team dynamics.

Wendy is dedicated to collaborating with clients to ensure their needs are well met. As a consultant and coach, Wendy provides clients with an opportunity to explore and enrich their capacities through experiences that are both personally rewarding and professionally challenging.