Workplace Mental Health

Meet our Workplace Mental Health Consultants

Jennifer is passionate about fostering mental health in the workplace to help both individuals and organizations thrive. She is a Registered Psychologist with a private practice in Edmonton where she works with both… Read more…

Paul believes in the importance of client-centered and holistic approaches to addressing and resolving both personal and professional challenges. He believes that talking about mental health can present unique opportunities… Read more…

Randy is the President & CEO of the ACHIEVE and the Crisis & Trauma Resources Institute Inc. (CTRI). He is an identified mental health expert with the renowned RANE Network ( Before founding… Read more…

Trish believes that facilitating dialogue and reducing stigma in the workplace regarding mental health are essential to the long-term success of organizations and businesses. She feels very passionate about providing a… Read more…

Workplace Mental Health

It is essential that organizations have the capabilities to manage mental health because early support can lead to continued productivity, retention of employees and overall satisfaction in the workplace.  ACHIEVE assists organizations to implement tangible and pragmatic solutions related to mental health. We help by conducting assessments, facilitating discussions, and providing training related to the topic of mental health.


By conducting a needs analysis for your organization, we can help you understand factors impacting mental health in your organization. This assessment may include use of a survey, review of policies, and interviews with both employees and managers.

Facilitated Discussions

Focused group discussions with both employees and management can be helpful in establishing a better understanding of mental health in the workplace.  Our consultants work to assist everyone to participate fully, giving space for management to participate alongside employees, and ensuring that all voices are heard.


We encourage organizations to offer our workshop Mental Health in the Workplace so that employees and leaders gain a clearer understanding of the various aspects of mental illness.

We also equip managers to better assist employees who may be experiencing mental illness though our workshop Managing Mental Health in the Workplace – Rights and Responsibilities.