We value and support the work of many organizations throughout Canada in various ways.

The friends and partners we have listed here include:

  • Agencies we support through free and reduced-fee training
  • Organizations we partner with to provide training
  • Associations where our leaders serve as board members.

Ndinawemaaganag Endaawaad Inc
Ndinawe is a non-profit agency serving street-affected youth in Winnipeg. We provide their staff with free and reduced-fee training.

Rainbow Resource Centre (RRC)
RRC is a Winnipeg based non-profit agency offering support to the LGBT2SQ+ community. We provide their staff with free and reduced-fee training.

Fraser Region Community Justice Initiatives (CJI)
We partner with CJI, based in Langley, BC, to provide training in Restorative Justice.

Newfoundland and Labrador Housing and Homelessness Network
We partner with the NL Housing and Homelessness Network by collaborating on public workshops offered in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Canadian School of Peacebuilding (CSOP)
We are partnering with CSOP in June 2018 to offer a unique training in Trauma and Peacebuilding.

Chista Counseling & Academy Ltd.
We partner with Chista Counseling & Academy Ltd. who is translating our workshop material into Farsi and providing CTRI content workshops in Tehran, Iran.

ADR Institute of Manitoba
We support ADRIM through the services of our Managing Director of ACHIEVE, Eric Stutzman, who serves as the Institute’s President. We also provide them with office and meeting space.

Giving Back

We are a national provider of training, based in Winnipeg. We value our local community and are intentional about giving back to it. We support two local non-profits with free and reduced-fee training, give financially to a variety of local causes and offer a free public workshop once a year which is open to anyone in the community.

Nationally and Internationally
Each month, we offer a free one-hour webinar. In addition, our Free Resources section of our website is full of valuable resources available to anyone in the world.