How to be Innovative: 3 Big Ideas

Eric Stutzman

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I used to picture innovation as something mysterious that would happen in a scientist’s lab. But after working at a highly innovative company, I have learned that it is quite the opposite. In fact, the process of innovation is straightforward. We plan for it. But first, let’s be clear that creativity and innovation are not the same thing. What is … Read More

Four Approaches to Accountability

Eric Stutzman

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[Excerpt from The Culture Question] Organizations can approach accountability in four distinct ways, as we explain with a model called the Accountability Grid (see image below). We’ve adapted this matrix from Ted Wachtel’s use of the Social Discipline Window, a conflict resolution tool. The four approaches are based on varying levels of both accountability and support: Ignoring: Avoiding problems we’d … Read More

How to Have a Successful Meeting

Eric Stutzman

We made a big mistake last week at one of our meetings, and we should have known better. On Friday, we met about a significant workflow problem, spent time problem solving, but failed to take meeting minutes. Several people took notes, but no one was officially designated as the minutes taker. When we tried to reconstruct what we had talked … Read More

Creating a Culture of Accountability

Eric Stutzman

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[Excerpt from The Culture Question] Accountability is one of the pillars of a highly functional and healthy workplace culture. Simply put, accountability means that people take responsibility for what they say they will do and what they have already done. Accountability and trust walk hand in hand. When we do what we say we will do, we establish trust. When … Read More

How to Lead People Who are Older Than You

Eric Stutzman

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Young Leaders Must Be Intentional about Influence At a recent leadership workshop I was facilitating, a young leader approached me at the break with a big question: “I just got promoted to a new position at work,” she said, “and I’m younger than most of the people I’m supposed to lead. What’s your advice for leading people who are older … Read More

How to Develop a Culture of Mentorship

Eric Stutzman

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[Excerpt from The Culture Question] One often-overlooked strategy for creating a culture where people like to work is to consciously and consistently develop employees through mentorship. Investing in staff in this way creates opportunities for meaningful relationships, shows employees that they are valued, and allows them to develop their abilities, which will ultimately help the organization. A mentoring culture may … Read More

Want a Healthy Workplace? Start with an Assessment!

Eric Stutzman

When I started as ACHIEVE’s Managing Director, our workplace culture was unhealthy. Our CEO was aware of this and wanted to do something about it. During my first week, he said “Eric, I know something is wrong with our culture, and your first job is to help us get healthy again.” Nothing like a good challenge to start a job … Read More

Building Trust at Work

Eric Stutzman

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In search of some inspiration for this article (and because of a writing deadline), I went for a walk to our neighborhood coffee shop. The barista engaged me in conversation by asking about my day and work – I told him I write about workplace culture. Then I asked him what he thought made a great workplace culture. Without missing … Read More

Insights on Developing Character

Eric Stutzman

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[Excerpt from The Culture Question] It’s often said that an organization’s people are its most valuable resources. Though it is well understood that a key role of a good leader is helping employees develop their skills, we often overlook the importance of character development for both leaders and employees. We all want to be good at what we do, and … Read More

4 Ways to Build a Culture of Trust

Eric Stutzman

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Too often, I see people at work trying to avoid feelings of discomfort or pain, or showing others that they don’t feel difficult emotions. I believe this is a critical mistake. Our emotions – including pain – allow us to become vulnerable and build trust with each other. Our office recently gathered for a session on reconciliation, prompted by our … Read More