How to Talk About the Elephant in the Room I’ve facilitated a fair number of high-stakes conversations over the years and am always struck when organizations ask me to lead a discussion about the elephant in the room. Rather than needing help with... Read More how to stay focused, stay focused, focus, deep work, focused work, attention, motivation, workplace culture, pay attention How to Stay Focused on Your Work I’ve become increasingly aware of how many distractions many of us encounter at work. With all the messaging apps, emails, phone calls, and Zoom meetings, there are so many possible interruptions that can prevent... Read More change, embracing change, self-care, counselling, therapy, therapist, adapting to change How to Embrace Change Change and unpredictability can sometimes weave their way into nearly every facet of life. Whether it’s one’s career, workplace, finances, family life, or social interactions, there are often no scripts for navigating the world... Read More reading together, reading, business, leadership, management, workplace culture, book club Why Reading Together Is Important Those of us in leadership at ACHIEVE have often found our thinking propelled by what we read. In fact, we often exchange good books with each other to sharpen our thinking and work. Many... Read More women in leadership, women, leadership, management, conference, leadership conference, empowerment, inclusion, workplace culture ACHIEVE Women in Leadership Survey Findings In preparation for our live virtual ACHIEVE Women in Leadership Conference (September 23-24, 2020), we conducted a survey to gain insight into the experience of women in the workplace. We are so grateful to... Read More

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