Why We Should Build Meaningful Relationships at Work Last year, I, Wendy, painted my deck. I was sure it would be a long and painful experience, and I was disheartened even before I began. On the first day, I painted for three... Read More Why Workplace Culture is Important for Resilience We all want a workplace where people are healthy, effective, productive, empowered, and motivated to do great work in support of their organization’s mission and shared values. However, what happens when you toss a... Read More How to Lead Teams Remotely In the new reality of working remotely due to COVID-19, many leaders are scrambling to adjust. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to connect with and lead others on your team in a virtual environment. Given... Read More workplace connections, workplace culture, teamwork, teams, manager, leadership Why Our Connections at Work Matter When our children begin school, we anticipate that they will make friends, and we are sad for them if they don’t. When they become teenagers, we hope they will identify... Read More conversation, conflict, leadership, sensitive topic, discussion, conversation, mediation, executive leadership, workplace culture, difficult conversation How to Talk About the Elephant in the Room I’ve facilitated a fair number of high-stakes conversations over the years and am always struck when organizations ask me to lead a discussion about the elephant in the room. Rather than needing help with... Read More

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