We work hard to attract and retain trainers who are not only specialists in their field, but also dynamic speakers who deliver content-oriented presentations that are both engaging and informative.

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Jennifer Short

Jennifer is a registered psychologist who holds a Master of Science degree in Psychology and a Doctorate in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. She has experience as a psychologist and as a leader working in a variety of challenging work environments, including corrections, law enforcement and education. In her various roles as a leader of multidisciplinary teams, Jennifer has personally focused on improving employee engagement based on their direct input. She believes that fostering a healthy workplace climate provides the context for employees to thrive in their pursuits of organizational goals. In addition to her work with ACHIEVE, Jennifer works in private practice with a focus on organizational psychology. She applies her skills and knowledge toward developing strong organizations that are characterized by psychologically healthy environments and thriving individuals. She is a knowledgeable facilitator who enjoys interacting with the learners to create a dynamic, engaging environment.

Danielle Forth

Danielle is a registered psychologist, consultant on happiness at work, and seasoned trainer. She has recently become a Certified Psychological Health and Safety Advisor with the Canadian Mental Health Association. Danielle has extensive experience in leadership and management positions and a keen interest in creating positive, healthy workplaces. She believes that great leadership is about creating workplaces in which people not only feel cared about, but are connected to their work and the company’s mission in a way that gives purpose, meaning and drives performance. In addition to her work with ACHIEVE, Danielle has a private clinical practice and is an active member of the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Committee with the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta. Inspired by her own love of learning, she draws on her leadership experience to create engaging and meaningful learner-centred workshops.

David Stark

Based in Calgary, David is a graduate from the Faculty of Law, University of Alberta, and a member of the Law Society of Alberta and The British Columbia Mediation Society. He is an enthusiastic and effective trainer and mediator, with almost 25 years experience in the field of Alternate Dispute Resolution. David has been a volunteer for the Legal Education Society of Alberta, teaching the Negotiation portion of the Bar Admission Course, since 1998, and is responsible for the Legal Education Society Mediation Training Program. David also teaches numerous courses for the Insurance Institute of Southern Alberta and Mount Royal University. Additionally, he has been a guest lecturer for Interest Based Negotiation courses and Insurance Law, at the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary Law Schools. David brings genuine warmth and humour as well as passion for effective communication to the workshops that he teaches.

Lana Dunn

Lana is a Registered Psychologist in the province of Alberta, and has her Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching. For the past ten years, Lana has brought her experience as a therapist and Organizational Development Consultant to her work in organizations across Alberta. She has worked with individual leaders from the Emergent to Senior levels, supporting them to lead with intention and passion. In addition, she has coached teams towards success, with a focus on issues including change management, strategic planning, team development and healthy conflict. Lana brings passion, energy and humour to all of her facilitations, ensuring participants meet their learning goals while remaining connected and entertained.

Michael Bevan

Michael combines over twenty-five years of varied leadership, education and facilitation experience with Bachelor’s degrees in both Commerce and Education and an executive MBA. He has extensive experience in the not-for-profit and public sectors where he uses his training as a teacher to engage with clients, focusing on building rapport and skills. Michael values open and honest communication in the workplace, believing that people engage more positively and more fully when they can see the whole picture. As a trainer, he works to ensure that participants are engaged and energized by his training sessions, eager to implement what they learn into their professional practice and their life.

Shelly Qualtieri

As a former Multidisciplinary Team Manager for a non-profit organization and Team Leader within the Provincial Government sector, Shelly's experience in coaching, mentoring and leadership has provided her with a unique and diverse skill set that combines academic understanding with practical knowledge. She holds a Master's degree in Investigations Management along with having a Certificate in Forensic Investigations. Shelly has significant work experience both in Canada and Australia, where she been an energetic practitioner, educator and leader in the field of youth justice, child welfare, mental health, homelessness and suicide intervention for over 20 years. In addition to training with ACHIEVE, Shelly has a private counselling and coaching practice where she focuses on wellness, leadership, difficult conversations and healthy relationships. Shelly is a seasoned and engaging presenter who is passionate about her work, which allows her to naturally facilitate ongoing learning for workshop participants.

Tammy Berry

Tammy holds a Bachelors degree in Education and is a certified Adult Educator. She is an enthusiastic and personable presenter with over fifteen years of experience in a variety of adult education forums. Tammy draws on her knowledge from educational leadership roles, mental health facilitation and personal coaching to deliver enriching and thought provoking presentations. Tammy values workplaces committed to a growth mindset. She believes that building positive relationships, fostering understanding and empowering individuals is at the heart of great organizations. Tammy's passion, warmth and excitement for professional learning and personal growth is contagious.

Rachel Clare

Rachel has more than fifteen years of training and practitioner expertise in diverse areas of personal and professional development, including career development, conflict management, leadership and mental health. In addition to a Master’s degree in Social Work and undergraduate degrees in Social Work and Psychology, she has participated in a variety of specialized trainings in a range of human resource areas. Rachel believes that ongoing professional development is an integral part of any profession and that strong interpersonal skills are essential for personal and organizational success. As a trainer, she strives to present information in a clear, engaging manner. Rachel is a collaborative and inclusive presenter who inspires and energizes those in attendance.

Deborah Nowakowski

Deborah has worked in the conflict resolution and criminal justice field for close to 15 years, and is currently part of the leadership team within her organization. In addition to training with ACHIEVE, she is an experienced mediator, professional certified coach and a proficient facilitator in youth and adult settings. Deborah values workplaces which promote diversity, inclusivity and collaboration. She believes organizations thrive when they invest in and build upon the strengths of staff. Deborah is an enthusiastic presenter who enjoys facilitating interaction and dialogue among participants.

Alan Edwards

Based in Edmonton, Alan has been active in the conflict resolution world since 1997 as a mediator, writer and instructor. The focus of his mediation work is primarily workplace conflict. As an instructor, Alan has delivered trainings in many locations throughout Canada and the United States. In addition, he has been working in the field of restorative justice where, since 2004, he has been co-facilitating communication between victims of serious violent crime and those who have caused them harm. Having one foot in each of the distinct worlds of conflict and violence allows Alan to approach his work in either area with clarity, insight and passion.

Lynda Monk

Lynda is a leadership coach and registered social worker with over 20 years’ experience as a workshop facilitator, coach, clinician and keynote speaker in the areas of leadership, organizational health, change management, stress management. She holds a Master of Social Work degree, as well as being a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and a member of the International Coaches Federation. Lynda has held various leadership roles in her 25 year career, and currently works as a coach specializing in transformational writing for burnout prevention, personal growth and success. She is passionate about the power of the coaching relationship to support people to be and do their best. Lynda is a passionate facilitator who creates engaging and dynamic learning environments where new insights, wisdom and learning can naturally flow.

Alison Granger-Brown

Based in Vancouver, Alison has a Master of Arts degree in Leadership and Training and in Human Development, with a PhD in Human and Organizational Systems. Alison has twelve years of experience as an entrepreneur in the specialty food industry and fifteen years of experience providing services to individuals and groups within the provincial and federal correctional systems, where she has nurtured a passion for healthy organizations and workplaces. Alison has experience in intercultural collaborative research and specializes in transformational learning and nurturing hope. Through her interactive approach, easygoing style and action-oriented focus, Alison leaves participants with ideas and practical steps they can implement to produce results.

Alana Abramson

Alana is an experienced leader and has extensive mediation and group facilitation experience in justice, community and school settings. She holds a PhD in Criminology on the topic of transformational learning. As a former Executive Director for a non-profit organization, Alana's experience in mentoring and leadership has provided her with a unique skill set that combines academic understanding with practical knowledge. In addition to training with ACHIEVE, she is a full-time faculty member in criminology at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, where she continues to inspire and be inspired by students and diverse colleagues. Alana believes in collaborative dialogue and life-long learning as a source of personal and social transformation. She is an engaging presenter who is passionate about her work, which allows her to easily facilitate ongoing learning for workshop participants.

Aaron Lyons

Aaron holds a Masters Degree in Conflict Transformation and is an experienced facilitator and trainer specializing in mediation, conflict resolution and restorative justice. Throughout his career he has provided leadership for a variety of organizations, and for close to 15 years, he has facilitated high-conflict conversations for both small and large groups of people. Aaron has a passion for supporting people through high-stakes and emotionally charged conversations. In addition to training with ACHIEVE, he is a consultant in private practice, where he works with schools, criminal justice and other organizations both locally and internationally. A passionate facilitator, he brings an upbeat, insightful and engaging presence to all of his workshops.

Jody Lambert

Jody is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with Masters degrees in Marriage & Family Therapy as well as Applied Behaviour Analysis. In addition to her private practice, and training with ACHIEVE, she is a Program Manager at a social service organization. In this role Jody supports and provides direction for several special needs and mental health programs as well as the development of quality assurance measures for the organization. She approaches leadership through a collaborative and strength-based lens with the belief that a healthy workplace culture can be developed through the gifts of authenticity and transparency. Jody believes in the power of the workplace community; mentoring confident and competent staff through the development and expression of mutual values such as vulnerability, courage and resiliency as tools for growth. She is an authentic and enthusiastic facilitator who believes in learning through connection, stories and humour. Her non-judgemental and engaging facilitation style gives participants space to learn and grow while taking in practical strategies.

Sally Halliday

Sally is a Registered Clinical Counsellor who has over twenty years’ experience supporting individuals and organization to make positive changes in their live and works. With a Masters’ in Counselling Psychology and past leadership roles in organizations and educational institutions, she thrives on creating interactive and informative learning experiences. Whether it’s in her work as a clinician or role as a ACHIEVE trainer, Sally believes in the power of learning and support for people who want to change unhealthy patterns and move forward with a sense of hope and energy. Her strong leadership background combined with her engaging presentation style creates energetic, enlightening and interactive presentations.

Marnie Stickley

Marnie is a Vancouver-based social worker with a Masters degree focused on collaboration between non-profit agencies and police. She has 22 years of direct client service in a collaborative practice with the Vancouver Police Department, providing client centered interventions in highly challenging relational environments. Marnie is a leader in her field, and regularly presents at conferences and event.  She believes that through connection with others and access to knowledge we can all find ways of relating that are life giving for ourselves and our communities. Marnie provides training to a wide range of audiences in the areas of communication skills, crisis management, mental health, and violence-prevention. She brings humor and energy to difficult topics and makes workshop material relevant and practical for a diverse range of audiences.

Eric Stutzman, Managing Director

As Managing Director of ACHIEVE Centre for Leadership & Workplace Performance, Eric provides the overall direction for the development and delivery of ACHIEVE’s workshops and services. He has provided leadership in the field of conflict resolution and mediation since completing a degree in Sociology with a focus on mediation and peacemaking. Eric is a Chartered Mediator and currently President of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Manitoba.  He has worked as an administrator, board chair, senior mediator, trainer and lead negotiator for other organizations in various parts of Canada. Eric believes that the best leaders and employees turn their minds first to listening with curiosity. He is the author of many of ACHIEVE’s workshops including Management and Supervision, Coaching Strategies for Leaders and Dealing with Difficult People.  Eric is a gifted trainer who makes training material come alive for participants through humour and real world application.

Randy Grieser, CEO

Randy Grieser is the founder and CEO of ACHIEVE Centre for Leadership & Workplace Performance and the Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute (CTRI). He holds a Master of Social Work degree and a Bachelor’s degree in Conflict Resolution. Randy is a visionary leader who, together with a team of employees and trainers, has positioned these organizations to be two of the premier providers of professional development training in the industry. He is the author of The Ordinary Leader: 10 Key Insights for Building and Leading a Thriving Organization. Randy gives presentations on leadership and management principles to a wide range of audiences in business, education, health, and government settings. He believes leadership requires us to always be intentional about what we do and how we do it. Randy is a dynamic presenter who delivers insightful presentations that are engaging, humorous and informative. Find his latest thoughts on leadership at TheOrdinaryLeader.com.

Wendy Loewen

Wendy is a former teacher and director of a health and social services program. She has Bachelor’s degrees in both Psychology and Education. In addition, she is certified as a level 1 and 2 Myers-Briggs Trait Inventory administrator. Wendy believes that learning is a dynamic and life-long endeavor and with commitment, guidance and individualized support, this process should be enjoyable and motivating. In addition to facilitating workshops, she serves as ACHIEVE’s Training and Development Specialist and is the author of many of our workshops including Respectful Workplace, Assertive Communication and Stress Management. Wendy is an engaging presenter who delivers material in a format that maximizes the learning potential for all participants.

Mike Labun

Mike has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Certificate in Conflict Resolution. He has over twenty years of experience as a leader in the mediation and conflict resolution field. Through his training and consulting work, he has helped a variety of organizations become better workplaces, including crown corporations, social service agencies, Indigenous communities, businesses and school divisions. Mike believes that education and training is largely about giving hope - people often come to a training to address a particular situation, and they want to leave with a plan to change it. In addition to facilitating workshops, he serves as ACHIEVE’s Training and Development Specialist. Mike is the author or editor of many of ACHIEVE workshops including Emotional Intelligence, Mediation and Presentation Skills. As a trainer, he has an interactive and engaging style that easily motivates participants to incorporate workshop material into their own environments.

Rolande Kirouac

For over two decades Rolande has been working with leaders and staff in organizations, small businesses and  various levels of government to create great workplaces. She has extensive experience in delivering training events in French and English and brings exceptional energy to all her events. In addition to her work with ACHIEVE, Rolande runs her own business, is on the board of directors for Entreprises Riel, and is past president for the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers Manitoba Chapter. She provides a refreshing and innovative approach to complement workplace wellness initiatives and support leaders in fostering co-operation and creative thinking and promoting greater job satisfaction.

George Anderson

George is a senior management consultant with over 25 years of leadership and management experience in the public sector. Before his extensive managing and directing roles, George served as a police officer and emergency medical technician. He holds Bachelor’s degrees in social sciences and criminal justice and is a Certified Protection Professional. George is highly skilled in client services, project management, organizational change, team building and facilitative leadership. He has significant experience presenting training seminars and his fusion of in-the-trenches business experience and real-life stories connects with his clients and audiences at an intimate and individual level.

Chris Downey

Chris is a leadership and organizational development professional with over 20 years' experience in both the private and public sectors. Through his extensive experience in operations, compliance and organizational development, he has gained a diverse skill set which has shaped how he approaches leading and working with teams.  Chris believes fundamentally that leaders have a direct impact on the health and wellness of the people they lead and support. And that fostering healthy work environments create the ideal conditions for success well beyond the individual and throughout whole organizations. Chris is recognized as an approachable facilitator who coaches, motivates and inspires others to be the best they can be.

Heidi Grieser

Heidi is co-founder of ACHIEVE and has worked in various leadership positions within our organization, most recently as Director of ACHIEVE Publishing. In addition to working with ACHIEVE, she is active in the local community, and sits on several different boards and committees. Heidi believes that training is a conduit to start larger conversations that truly affect change within our communities and organizations. In her training and consulting work, she works primarily in the area of sexual harassment prevention. Heidi is passionate about bringing awareness to the issue of sexual harassment and helping organizations create a culture where it is not tolerated. As a trainer, she is enthusiastic and works to make sure that participants are actively engaged in the material she is presenting.

Sandra Scott

Sandra has diverse work experience which includes working in the field of addictions, managing disability appeals, and negotiating and settling litigated matters at mediations. Trained as a Therapist, she has a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. As a trainer and facilitator with ACHIEVE, Sandra is passionate about helping organizations focus on mental health and well-being in the workplace. She has an exceptional interest in conflict resolution, relationships, and understanding perspective. Sandra views most situations from a systems lens whether she’s in a family or organizational setting. She is enthusiastic about learning and weaves humour and stories into her training, allowing participants to absorb and apply new material to all aspects of their lives.

David Jung

David has provided leadership for various non-profit organizations for over 25 years. He has a degree in philosophy, a diploma in counselling, as well as certifications in conflict resolution and mediation. In addition to training with ACHIEVE, David works in the field of mediation where he volunteers as a mediator for the court diversion program in Manitoba. In whatever role David finds himself, his passion for motivating people to continue on their personal journey of learning and growth shines through. David believes that no matter what our role is in the workplace, we can all continue to grow in our skills to improve our own life and to help improve the lives of others. As a trainer, he is known for his dynamic workshop facilitation that combines humour and real-world application.

Wendy Kroeker

For over 20 years Wendy has worked for a variety of organizations, boards and businesses both in Canada and internationally as a consultant, trainer, senior mediator for workplace conflicts and facilitator of strategic processes. She holds a Master’s degree in Peace Studies and is currently working at completing a PhD. In her private practice she works as a community mediator and trainer. Wendy is regularly consulted on workplace conflict dynamics and leadership questions regarding the betterment of relationships and systems in the workplace. As a trainer, Wendy utilizes her wealth of practical experience combined with her energetic training style to create an ideal learning experience.

Katina Cochrane

Katina is from Peguis First Nation and brings an indigenous perspective and experience to her stories and approach. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science and Indigenous Governance and completed the Social and Environmental Justice Leadership Program with ‘Next Up’. Katina spent several years working in and leading a restorative justice program, focussing on the re-integration of young offenders back into the community. Through this work, she honed her facilitation skills as she provided a wide array of workshops. Katina has also worked in the field of Social Work, developing programs and writing workshops centred on family unity. Katina has training in conflict resolution, experience in program development and board governance, and appreciates playing a role in contributing to strengthening our leaders of tomorrow. Katina has a natural ability to make connections with the people she meets and always strives to keep participants engaged in her sessions.

Scott Erickson

Scott brings a diversity of experience to his work with ACHIEVE, including facilitating training in widely varying contexts, consulting with athletes and business leaders on high performance, practicing psychotherapy, working as a mediator and teaching conflict resolution at the university level. He holds a Master of Education (Specialization in Counselling) and his own professional development has included training in team development, leadership and a Certificate in Conflict Resolution. Scott places a special value on good workplace relationships as one of the keys to helping people both enjoy their work more and also achieve higher performance in the workplace. He believes we all do better in work and life when we feel valued and supported by those around us. As a trainer, Scott strives to make workshop material both accessible and relevant with his engaging and light-hearted presentation style.

Sheri Coburn

Sheri is a Registered Social Worker in the province of New Brunswick who holds a Master of Social Work degree and a Bachelor's degree in Criminology. Her broad range of experience includes working in front line and leadership roles in both government and social service organizations. Sheri values workplaces and organizations that are able to identify, build on and capitalize on their most valuable resource: the people who work there.  She believes people should love their job and that the health and wellness of a workplace and their employees is the best determinant for both individual and organizational success. As a facilitator Sheri is a knowledgeable, passionate and engaging presenter.

Alain Paulin

For the last several years, Alain Paulin has worked in private practice as a trainer, facilitator and mediator.  Previously, he worked for the Government of Canada for more than two decades in communications, human resources and conflict resolution, including eight years as a mediator with the Department of National Defence. Within Canada, he has served as trainer, facilitator and mediator from coast to coast in both official languages. Abroad, he worked in the Central African Republic, the Dominican Republic, Uganda and Kenya for the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (Communication) and a certificate in conflict management and is pursuing graduate studies in peace and conflict. Alain sits on the board of directors of the Alternate Dispute Resolution Atlantic Institute (ADR Atlantic) and is a Chartered Mediator. Alain brings natural warmth and genuine curiousity about people to his role as a trainer and consultant for ACHIEVE.

Tina Antle

Tina is a Registered Social worker and holds a Master of Social Work degree.  Her broad range of experience includes working in both local and international not-for-profit organizations and government agencies.  In addition to her work with ACHIEVE, Tina maintains an active private practice specializing in stress reduction and trauma recovery. She values workplaces and organizations that promote inclusion, diversity and employee engagement.  She believes that lifelong learning creates a sense of vitality in both individuals and organizations, and sees it as a driving force behind all success and innovation. Tina is a warm and engaging presenter who takes pride in ensuring a positive learning experience for her audience.

AnnMarie Churchill

AnnMarie holds a PhD in experimental psychology and a Masters in clinical social work. In addition to advanced study and training in the areas of anxiety, trauma and resilience, she has 30 years of direct clinical experience. AnnMarie has worked as a psychotherapist and consultant in various workplaces including EAP programs, schools, community and hospital settings. Her approach as a trainer is to view personal and professional struggles as human issues requiring compassion and practical strategies for coping and resilience. AnnMarie is a popular presenter of our Managing Mental Health in the Workplace workshops. In her workshops, she seeks to build connection and capacity by creating an environment of acceptance, collegiality and experiential learning. Packed with personal and professional examples, AnnMarie’s trainings are both highly engaging and informative.

Jennifer Kelly

Jennifer is a facilitator and instructional designer with nearly a decade of experience developing and delivering training workshops to participants in small and medium-sized organizations and academic institutions. She has written and facilitated more than 20 workshop topics to private and public employees in core areas like interpersonal communication, business, coaching, and leadership. In addition to degrees achieved in Adult Education and Instructional Design, she is a certified Positive Psychology coach. Jennifer maintains an active training practice and works as an instructional designer in a variety of settings. Jennifer believes real learning originates from self-awareness and self-reflection. As a trainer she is committed to creating this within learners by providing an energetic, thoughtful and engaging delivery of content and learning activities.

Bobbie Boland

Bobbie holds a Master of Social Work degree and has worked as a trainer and consultant for over two decades in the Newfoundland and Labrador region. She has extensive experience in a wide array of services relevant to organizational development, training, dispute resolution processes, group facilitation processes and strategic planning. She has a proven track record working with individuals, organizations and communities and helping them make complex issues more manageable. She values workplaces where people are willing to put effort into making the environment healthy, respectful and productive. She believes that life presents the situations that point to what we need to learn, and that learning is our forever task. Bobbie brings warmth, humour, expertise and commitment to enhancing insight and learning in her workshops.

Marion Brown

Marion is a seasoned trainer, administrator and leader. In addition to training with ACHIEVE, she is currently a professor of social work at Dalhousie University. With a background in social work, Marion draws on adult learning principles, power analysis and participatory leadership approaches to facilitate workshops. She believes that critical introspection regarding our beliefs and values, as well as a focus on how we work, is meaningful and relevant regardless of the context of work. Marion understands that organizational pressures come to bear on individual employees and leaders, and seeks a balanced approach of working to improve one's insights and skills as well as invoking change in the workplace setting. As a trainer, she has an engaging and inviting facilitation style, sharing stories and drawing on the experiences of participants to anchor workshop material with relevant examples in work and in life.

Elizabeth Shein

Elizabeth has a Masters degree in Social Work with extensive experience in the field of mental health and community-based prevention and promotion programs. She works in diverse rural, urban and Indigenous communities. Elizabeth is passionate about creating vibrant and mentally healthy workplaces and communities. She has a deep interest in the influence of emotions on physical well-being. A mindfulness perspective is integrated into all aspects of her work. As a trainer, Elizabeth helps people to see the big picture and make practical connections to their own every day experience.

Cathy Mellett

Cathy is a senior management consultant and coach with over 30 years of management and leadership experience in the public sector focused on governance, project management, client services and operations. As a life-long learner she holds a Certificate in Management from the Canadian Institute of Management and St. Mary’s University and a Master’s degree in Conflict Management from Royal Roads University. Cathy’s areas of passion are in facilitating complex multi-stakeholder conversations and assisting organizations and individuals to navigate change. She believes that workplace health and productivity are connected and that the skills necessary to create well-functioning workplaces are teachable and within reach for organizations, leaders, teams and individuals. As a trainer, Cathy draws on her own real-life experience and the experience of the participants to create a safe and engaged learning environment, where all voices can be heard.

Paula Hutchinson

Paula is an enthusiastic educator, trainer and consultant. She has a rich and varied work background including in schools, community based non-profits, and clinical settings.  Paul specializes in emotional intelligence, mental health, and working with challenging behaviours in individuals and teams.  Paula believes that everyone should be able to find meaning in their work and relationships.  And that only by working together to create sustainable solutions, can individuals, professionals, workplaces and communities ensure that supports, systems and policies are responsive and effective for all. As a facilitator, she draws on her deep experience with adult education and learning principles to provide an engaging, practical and interactive workshop experience.

James Ingram

James has extensive experience training people to handle situations of conflict and escalated emotion. He has a degree in Sociology with close to 15 years of experience working with non-profits, he has been instrumental in developing and implementing policies for managing conflict. James believes some of the most critical skills anyone can develop are listening skills. In addition to training with ACHIEVE, he also teaches at the college level. As a facilitator, he provides high level training for groups that is both engaging and well organized.

Shawn McLaren

Shawn holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education and a Master’s degree in Adult Education with a specialization in Corporate Development and Knowledge Management. He has over 20 years of experience in corporate training including facilitation, curriculum development and leading a national training team. Shawn spent 17 years in the banking industry where he was responsible for training related to compliance, sales and leadership development.  Currently, in addition to training with ACHIEVE, he is the Director of Operations for St. John Ambulance – Federal District Council. As a leader, Shawn believes that a cohesive team is critical to the success of any operation. He is an energetic and engaging facilitator who ensures that his participants can apply the content being delivered to their own unique environments.

John Neufeld

John has served in leadership roles both in the private and public good sector for over 20 years. He is presently the Executive Director of House of Friendship, a multi-service social agency in Waterloo Region. Passionate about leadership, he is constantly seeking ways to grow in leadership while also developing others in their leadership. John holds Master's degrees in Business Administration and Social Work. His strong leadership background combined with his engaging presentation style creates an informative and challenging learning environment.

Paul Bailey

Paul is a life-long learner with more than 27 years of leadership experience who is passionate about developing leaders and teams. He has a BA majoring in conflict management, and an MA majoring in leadership and management. Paul specializes in developing leaders who shape culture and environments to improve engagement, performance, well-being and workplace satisfaction. He is an avid reader and researcher of the latest trends and challenges impacting the workplace and then creating or finding the practical and relevant solutions to address them. Paul’s in-depth understanding of personality profiles, leadership and team dynamics have provided opportunities to participate in training conferences internationally. His philosophy of learning and development is that it should be relevant, informative, engaging, memorable, entertaining and fun. He believes his greatest asset is taking the complicated and making it simple. Paul has facilitated training for a wide variety of organizations such as non-profit and for-profit, institutions, corporations, governmental agencies and local municipalities. As a trainer he creates great learning spaces through his warmth, enthusiasm and humour.

Brodie Church

Based in Ottawa, Brodie has wide experience within the financial services industry in a variety of capacities including leadership and human resources. As an experienced facilitator, he has delivered workshops for a broad range of participants, from front-line staff to senior leadership audiences. Brodie takes pride in adapting his delivery style to suit participant needs. His high energy, passion and desire to see others succeed creates a creative and results-focused learning environment.

Judah Oudshoorn

Judah is a professor, author and mediator, teaching in the areas of conflict resolution and criminal justice. He holds a Master's degree in Conflict Transformation and is a PhD student in Social Work. Judah has facilitated dialogue and conflict resolution processes in many places – from prisons to workplaces to family homes. He values workplaces that bring out the best in employees. Judah believes that character and skill development are important parts of doing meaningful work. As a trainer, he is an engaging presenter who fluidly interacts with learners and fosters critical thinking.​

Amber McKenzie

Amber is a Psychologist who has diverse experience in managing teams, creating programs and working with individuals. With her background in psychology, she draws upon foundations of individual and systems change theory to help participants in her workshops generate insight and awareness that are often key components to the early steps of change. Amber enjoys coaching individuals though trying new skills that are unfamiliar to them. She believes that individual insight, change and continuous growth is vital for each person’s workplace satisfaction. As a trainer, Amber draws on her experience and passion for the topics to provide engaging stories that demonstrate concepts and ask thought provoking question to facilitate new learning. She strives to present material in a dynamic way that helps participants sustain attention and remain motivated to learn.

Patrick Parent

Patrick has been a leader in the field of residential group homes and treatment foster care for the past 20 years, presently as the owner and Executive Director of a foster/counselling centre. His educational background is in Psychology and his workplace experiences have helped him develop keen insights into the complexities of communication and conflict dynamics. Patrick values workplaces that are open, diverse and inclusive, recognizing that we are all on our personal journey. He believes that understanding and kindness are needed when dealing with people. Patrick's use of humour and genuine enthusiasm for teaching creates an excellent learning environment for participants.

Christina Reimer

Christina has a diverse background as a leadership trainer, director and team building and conflict resolution facilitator. With a PhD in religion, she teaches university courses on ethics, the world’s major religions and other topics. Christina has travelled extensively and worked internationally for non-profit organizations that focus on peace-building and community development. She values workplaces that promote diversity and equity and strive to resolve corporate and interpersonal conflict in productive ways. She believes that communicating well is one of the keys to creating healthy working environments. Christina has an enthusiastic and engaging presentation style and uses storytelling and humour to make workshops interesting as well as informative.

Michelle Bentley

Michelle is a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist with a Master’s degree in Counselling and Spirituality, and a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Special Education. In addition to training with ACHIEVE she maintains a private practice with individuals, families and children and specializes in mental health and wellness. Michelle is a popular presenter of our Managing Mental Health in the Workplace workshops. She believes that leaders are most effective when they have a non-judgmental perspective and compassionate curiosity for both themselves and their employees. Michelle draws on her educational background, 15 years of group facilitation, and agency and private practice experience to add a personalized touch to her workshops. As a facilitator, she brings her knowledge of learning principles to provide an interactive, engaging and participant-centred experience incorporating practical information attendees can immediately apply to both their personal and professional lives.

Matt Schaaf

Matt has a rich background in education and violence-reduction, where he has worked to support both rural and inner-city communities to implement practical peacebuilding initiatives. In addition to training with ACHIEVE, he presently leads an initiative that empowers men to prevent gender-based violence, and works to strengthen relationships among Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. Matt’s leadership and management experience in the non-profit sector ranges from youth leadership development to public education on ecological sustainability. He is a popular presenter of our workshops related to diversity, respect and conflict resolution. As a trainer, he combines insightful analysis with a warm sense of humour and a deep appreciation for the experience and knowledge that participants bring to a workshop.

Mary Lee Armellini

Mary has a long and varied career in Management, Human Resources Management and Software Implementation. She has delved into all aspects of people management from job planning and recruitment, to training and development, performance management, coaching, counseling and termination, compensation and statutory compliance. On the technical side, Mary has been a business analyst, trainer and national lead for human resources and payroll software such as Ceridian, ADP and PeopleSoft. Throughout her career, she has always included training and development as her number 1 tool to identify and fix issues that stop people from excelling at work and living their best life. Mary is an accomplished and engaging trainer who believes that communication is the key to happiness and fulfillment in all aspects of life.

David Carey

David holds a Master of Arts degree in Leadership from Royal Roads University, a Certificate in Business Management and has also studied Executive Coaching. He has a comprehensive understanding of leadership in complex organizational systems and is passionate about helping others in their own learning processes. Over his 32 years of leadership in the non-profit sector, David has consistently demonstrated significant skill in the areas of conflict resolution and employee engagement. His skills have been instrumental in transforming toxic work environments into places where employees are engaged and happy to be at work. His practical, insightful and often humorous presentation style encourages participation and fosters a positive learning experience.

Shawn McLaren

Shawn holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education and a Master’s degree in Adult Education with a specialization in Corporate Development and Knowledge Management. He has over 20 years of experience in corporate training including facilitation, curriculum development and leading a national training team. Shawn spent 17 years in the banking industry where he was responsible for training related to compliance, sales and leadership development.  Currently, in addition to training with ACHIEVE, he is the Director of Operations for St. John Ambulance – Federal District Council. As a leader, Shawn believes that a cohesive team is critical to the success of any operation. He is an energetic and engaging facilitator who ensures that his participants can apply the content being delivered to their own unique environments.

Janelle Jackiw

Janelle has Master's degrees in both Criminology and Educational Psychology. Her broad range of experience includes working in front line and leadership roles in both government and social service organizations. Presently, in addition to training with ACHIEVE she provides counselling in private practice, works for the Ministry of Justice and is a sessional lecturer at the University of Regina. Janelle values workplaces and organizations that respect the importance of partnerships and innovation. She believes people’s passion for the work they do is developed by encouraging leadership at all levels. Janelle is an energetic presenter who enjoys delivering training workshops that are relevant and practical to individuals' work and personal lives.

Deanne Kaar

Deanne has applied her skills in leadership, management and organizational change for many years as a leader and manager with mental health and addiction services in Saskatchewan. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Public Health, with expertise in program evaluation, project management and change management. As a leader, Deanne is passionate about creating a work environment where individuals feel valued, acknowledged and appreciated; and where collaboration, creative problem solving and team work are fostered and expected by the team. She understands the value of open communication, trust and accountability in developing functional and dynamic teams. As a facilitator, Deanne uses humor, stories, group discussion and engaging strategies to keep the training entertaining, challenging, educational and memorable.

Tim Nickel

Tim is an organizational consultant, private mediator and trainer. Since earning a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology in 1997, he has worked intensively in the conflict resolution field, first in restorative justice, then in private practice and most recently for the Government of Saskatchewan, Dispute Resolution Office. Tim has worked as a consultant, mediator and trainer for a wide range of clients in private, non-profit, public service and Indigenous organizations. He has deep experience in many contexts, including mediation work with civil litigants, workplaces, families, communities, boards of directors, executive teams and multiparty negotiators. As a trainer, Tim is known for his energetic yet thoughtful approach, establishing an exciting atmosphere of growth and development.

Trish Harper

Trish has worked in a variety of mental health and post-secondary settings in the public and private sector. She has a Master of Social Work degree as well as an undergraduate degree in psychology. Trish enjoys facilitating dialogue, inspiring compassion, and bringing the insight of her clinical work into the business and organizational world for genuine learning in her workshops. She has academic and personal interest in organizational wellness and human rights. In addition to being a trainer with ACHIEVE, Trish currently has a private practice in counseling and consulting and serves as an adjudicator for Social Services for the government of Saskatchewan. As a trainer, she is a skillful listener who works to facilitate training that encourages genuine insight, compassion and a collective learning experience.

Janice Nistor

Janice has many years of work and leadership experience in non-profit, government and private business. She has a Master’s of Human Resource Management and is an accredited Professional Certified Coach. Janice’s areas of expertise include training and development, leadership development, performance management and engagement. She has led teams of various sizes throughout her career, most recently in the banking sector. Janice is passionate about leadership development and coaching leaders towards their potential. As a seasoned facilitator, Janice brings humour and stories to her sessions ensuring participants are engaged and learning.

Nataschaa Chatterton

Nataschaa has a Masters in Conflict Analysis and Management and has worked as a mediator, coach, facilitator and counselor. She has lived in rural Yukon for ten years working with First Nations governments and communities. Nataschaa’s work is founded on the beliefs of the value of all perspectives, the innate desire we each have to be accepted and that our history does not need to dictate our future. Her approach includes encouraging space for the wisdom and strengths of the group and the individual to surface and co-creation to occur. She is passionate about teaching, listening and sharing.