In her role as ACHIEVE’s Managing Director, Wendy works with organizations and communities to help them make informed plans that will guide them into a successful future. She believes that multiple perspectives and transparent conversations equip organizations to build a strategic plan that will help them achieve their goals. Wendy has led strategic planning sessions for a wide variety of organizations including corporations, municipalities, and not-for-profits.

Wendy is co-author of the book, The Culture Question, as well as the author of many of ACHIEVE’s workshops, including Performance Management, Respectful Workplaces, and Assertive Communication. She is a former teacher and a former director of a health and social services program. Her education includes a Master’s degree in Conflict Analysis and Management, and Bachelor’s degrees in both Psychology and Education. In her present work as a mediator, speaker, and facilitator, Wendy is committed to helping organizations create dynamic and engaging places of work where people care about each other, work productively, and deliver quality services and products.