Board governance done poorly creates significant frustration for members and can lead to organizational dysfunction. When run well, boards contribute to the vibrancy and success of the organization they govern. This training will enhance the effectiveness of your Board of Directors by building clarity and understanding about the roles and responsibilities of the board, the relationship and authority between staff and board, and the specific, supportive duties of individual board members. Participants will learn tools for effective board meetings and decision making. They will also come away with a deeper understanding of the policy, procedure and processes essential to a well-functioning board.

About This Workshop

Workshop Outline:

  • Legal Duties of Board Members
  • Board Responsibilities and Obligations
  • Governance vs. Management – Authority and Decision Making
  • Board Member Role and Responsibility
  • Creating Bylaws and Board Level Policy
  • Board Member Orientation
  • Board Committees and Developing Terms of Reference
  • Strategies for Running Good Board Meetings
  • How to Make Decisions



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