The multiple demands of work necessitate that employees know how to prioritize their responsibilities, work with proficiency, be resourceful and complete tasks in a systematic and organized manner. This workshop provides a comprehensive review of performance basics and is geared for front line workers. The workshop provides training and activities to explore the habits and tools necessary for productivity, as well as the attitudes that support a successful work environment. Participants will learn how to represent their organization well, streamline systems and procedures, plan out work tasks and focus with renewed energy on workplace expectations.

About This Workshop

Workshop Outline

  • Three Keys to Organizational Effectiveness
  • The Basics – Presentation, Communication and Conflict
  • Personal Assessment – Rating Yourself as an Employee
  • How to Be Effective, Ethical and Efficient
  • Organizational Barriers to Productivity and What to Do
  • Unhelpful Coping Strategies
  • How to Cope Well
  • The Fundamentals of Workplace Ethics
  • Positive Workplace Attitudes
  • Know Your Role and Expectations
  • Think About Roles and Expectations
  • Evaluate Your Effectiveness
  • Getting Organized – Getting Started
  • Keys to Staying Organized
  • How to Manage Your Resources
  • Time Management
  • Overcome Procrastination
  • Organize Your Time – A Simple Matrix
  • Increase Work Satisfaction
  • Orient Yourself to Exceed Expectations



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Method of Delivery

Lecture, personal reflection, skill building, video and small group discussions