This retreat focuses on the two questions all great leaders ask themselves continuously:  Am I a leader worth following?  Am I building a team that will last?  The challenge of leadership is to continue to grow in your competency, commitment, and character while simultaneously ensuring that your team is engaged, empowered, and equipped. This retreat will be a time for you to reflect on your own leadership and develop insights and tools to become a more effective leader.

This retreat is facilitated by John Neufeld.

Some of the Topics Reviewed

  • How to Inspire Action
  • Keys to Creating a Transformational Culture
  • Focus on Creating Change when Change is Hard
  • Engage, Empower, and Equip Teams to Provide Superior Results
  • Tips for Having Difficult Conversations
  • How to Leverage Strengths
  • What Truly Motivates People
  • Finding Personal Fulfillment through Leadership